Office of the President Procurement director fights for his job


Interior PS, Karanja Kibicho

The director of procurement at the Office of the President Ken Mwangi is fighting for survival after the vetting committee recommended his sacking.
This was arrived at after details emerged showing he has allegedly amassed wealth to the tune of millions of shillings stashed in various banks and investments across the country and East Africa.
Before joining the Office of the President at Harambee House, Mwangi served as the director of procurement at the National Treasury.
It is during his time the country lost billions of shillings through secret security tendering famously known as Anglo Leasing.
Mwangi was said to be the blue-eyed boy of the then powerful Internal Security permanent secretary Dave Mwangi who helped facilitate the dubious deals.
Using his connections and money, Mwangi found his way to Harambee House to head the procurement department.
At Harambee House he is referred to as pastor by his juniors for his penchant for carrying a Bible.
However, those who know him allege he uses the Bible to disguise himself as a Godfearing man while his deeds point to a person interested in material wealth.
Mwangi, who brags to be close to interior PS Karanja Kibicho, was shocked when Uhuru Kenyatta announced the suspension of all procurement officers since he knew he could not escape the dragnet.
Upon realising that his accounts were being monitored, he quickly transferred the money to close allies and family members. However, detectives froze his accounts.
Mwangi operates accounts at Bank of Baroda, Prime Bank and Oriental Bank.
Interestingly, the financial institutions are owned by Asians whom have been bagging security contracts.
Sources say the Asians use Mwangi to push for their cases at Harambee House.
Junior officers celebrated Mwangi’s ouster but word is that he is working day and night to bribe the vetting committee to give him back the job.
The officers say Mwangi is arrogant and only deals with Kikuyus who occupy 90pc of jobs at Harambee House.
They cited a case where he was accused of snatching the wife of a junior officer last year.
It is said Mwangi retreated and sought forgiveness after the officer threatened to expose him.
Those who work with him say Mwangi is a wheelerdealer who prefers to spend his time with Asians, majority of them eyeing security contracts at OP.
The same cartel is fighting to have him reinstated in order to help them continue fleecing taxpayers through single-sourced inflated tenders.
The scrutiny of his wealth, however, left many wondering how the officer had accumulated it since joining the government in early 1990s.
Mwangi has failed for years to file tax returns and at one time KRA had attached his salary for failing to declare his rental income which runs into millions of shillings.