Has Ababu Namwamba time to shine passed?

Has Ababu Namwamba time to shine passed?


The once flamboyant Ababu Namwamba is struggling to regain lost ground after he changed political directions. It became all clear during the recent tour of the Western region by Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto where Ababu was coldly received in his own constituency.

The way the public blasted Ababu in front of the president and his deputy at his own backyard of Budalang’i, was a clear indication that the man the two were banking on might not after all deliver. More was to follow, as it got worse when the president arrived at Funyula, Bumala, Korinda and Nambale.

During the Budalang’i tour where Uhuru inspected the ongoing construction of The Sigiri Bridge on River Nzoia, Ababu had a rough time trying to shield from the angry public who were heckling him, by trying to drum up support for his cronies and later paraded a number of his supporters to the president claiming they were IDPs.

It is at that moment when he paraded the so-called IDPs where he requested for Sh200 million to resettle them that angered the residents who wondered since when Budalang’i has had no internally displaced persons.

From that point on, Ababu never had peace all through the rest of the tour which he had thought, would boost his popularity since the return of Raphael Wanjala and his move to ODM from Jubilee.

Wanjala who has lost twice in the past to Ababu, is this time around enjoying the support of ODM, but also due to the neglect Ababu has displayed over the two terms he has held the seat, where the residents say he has made the electorate more poorer than he found them.

Ababu is said to be sponsoring three other candidates in Budalang’i strategically to suppress some voting blocs thought to be hostile to him and which might be used against him when in checked.

One Andrew Nakitare and George Obara have been planted into the Budalang’i political arena just for that purpose with full financial support from Ababu Namwamba , with promises that whoever emerges with highest votes, will be positioned for taking over in 2022 should Ababu Namwamba sail through in this elections, since he will by then be running for presidential office.

Meanwhile in Funyula as  MP Paul Otuoma battles out to try and unseat Governor Sospeter Odeke Ojaamong’, which might as well prove to be a not so easy arithmetic calculation for Otuoma, the impoverished residents of the Busia county are silently making their final decision on who to vote for.

The ODM aspirant in Funyula one Oundo Mudenyo, is the man to watch, all shining and has a promising future in this year’s general elections for Funyula just like Budalang’i is ODM to the core. No one here will hear anything to do with Ababu Namwamba ’s LPK party.

Independent candidates are giving ODM and other Nasa allied aspirants a run for their money just like in the rest of other parts of western.

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  • Peter Keyym

    You cannot rle out Ababu.He is youthful and vibrant.He has a future ahead of him.he will be rejunavated