Auditor General flags Migori County for losing over 10 Million

Auditor General flags Migori County for losing over 10 Million


The Auditor General office has raised a red flag on Migori County governor Okoth Obado administration going by his report ending June 2016.

The administration was unable to account for parking fees Sh3,771,370, market dues Sh of Sh5,558,570, business permits totalling to Sh759,000 and rents of Sh521,121.

It has also been reported that the county received from other government entities Sh267,103,792, Sh267,103,792 in amount of Sh104,565,000 being rebates from National Treasury in resect of free maternity. However, the county did not transfer the funds to health facilities. It was deposited and utilised after being banked at its Co-operative Bank accounts being against Facility Improvements Funds regulations. The above amount accuracy and validility of total transfers cannot be verified.

Further, the compensation of employees is unsupported thus shrouded in mystery. The compensation figure was Sh1,879,470,411. However, a scrutiny in the payroll database has a figure of Sh1,589,282,110. Sh280,188,301 cannot be traced.

Of the Sh1,879,470,411  wages for temporary employees was put at Sh49,419,810 but no supporting documents, time sheets and acknowledgement slip by payees were made.

The payments to Migori county policing authority monthly salary payments without gazettment by National Police Service Act is not documented.

Sh685,262,101 is the difference in the amount used to purchase goods. The county office figure is Sh2,529,194,748 while that of Ifmis Sh1,843,932,647.

It has emerged that those involved also looted the county using domestic, foreign trips and subsistence allowances. The amount used was Sh742,868,272 with payments totalling to Sh100,153,080 not being supported with relevant travel documents such as passports, bus tickets, air tickets, invitation letters and study reports.

Printing, advertising and information supplies services were not spared. Sh2,529,194,748 is said to have been used. Audit report shows, only Sh161,353,422 and not Sh175,892,672 was used on printing, advertisements, information services with Sh14,539,250 being unaccounted for by the Migori County.

From the same Sh2.5 billion rentals of produced assests was catered of Sh21,344,840, only documents support of Sh20,663,768 were produced. Sh681,072 went missing.

Training expenses sum total was Sh13,029,878. Support documents only revealed Sh15,877,678 million with Sh2,847,800 unaccounted for.

In hospitality supplies and services, Sh422,370,941 was allocated. After audit review, only Sh196,627,863 was used. Unexplained variance of Sh225,743,078 exists.

On office and general supplies, Sh87,377,843 is reflected but with supporting evidence being Sh84,839,553 where unexplained variance of Sh2,538,490 is noted.

Legal fees was allocated Sh2,529,194,748. Another operating figure of Sh444,351,599 which excluded Sh41,080,000 was noticed.

Some legal payments involved unresolved legal cases between various parties, and the defunct local authorities. It was not possible to ascertain whether the cases were subjected to verification and approval.

Issuance of Identity cards was suspicious. There was no evidence of an approval budget of Sh444,351,599 that was used.

Hiring of tents, chairs, public address system for eight functions totaled to Sh1,393,000.

Transfer to Migori county assembly was put at Sh621,547,395. Only Sh600,061,499 is shown in statement transfers. From the assembly accounts, Sh562,962,342 was used. A difference of Sh37,099,107 is unaccounted.

Another transfer involving Migori Water and Sanitation Company (Mikutra) saw Sh3,374,827 unreconciled. Construction of water borne toilet in Rongo had Sh900,000 made to an engineering firm and the contract sum beingSh3.487,688 where the contractor was fully paid but no work done.

Construction of Maendeleo Youth Polytechnic saw the construction and civil works payment run Sh800,543. The project was to be finished within 16 weeks. Although payment done, the works were not completed.

Construction of roads that is Ombo-Al loop road, Kiringi bridge and upgrading to bitumen standard of Uriri-Oria road budget was put at Sh1,222,670,982. The said amount could not be used on only three roads, the report points

A firm was paid Sh 5,714,850 to buy disaster preparedness items without proper procurement records. Nyamunde Early Childhood Development Centre contractor was paid Sh882,107 when he was not among those invited for biding of the services.

Casual workers were paid Sh9,048,000 for clearning services with no supporting documents. Car loan and mortage fund were abused. Sh35,499,014 was allocated without the county preparing separate financial statements as per public finance management Act.


Nelson Mwilet was then deputy governor, Kasera Tom finance, Sheilla Mwita, public service, Iscar Oluoch, agriculture, Elizabeth Alila lands, Joseph Nyamiti, health, Elijah Odhiambo, environment, Michael Ogutu, youth, Thomas Maneno, tourism and Moses Chamwada, roads.

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