Asian tycoon joins KPA marine department looters


A Mombasa billionaire who runs power spare parts, a one Mr Bharat, boasts of having compromised the management of Kenya Ports Authority and says he will continue locking out his competitors from lucrative
business deals. Bharat Spare Parts is located within the Railways yard. His firm mostly deals in repair of motor nozzles. The tycoon claims to have bought three houses for a former engineer at KPA who has been lobbying to land
the position of MD since the days of president Daniel Arap Moi. Spare Parts Ltd have positioned themselves to be
among the firms who claim to be the only ones to supply forklift spares, marine spares and crane spares.
Bharat has allegedly influenced international firms in China and Japan that supply spare parts to local firms not to award new entrants certificates of manufacturer. The move thus locks out those out to do tenders at KPA.
It is important to note that for one to win a tender, the quotation allows the company to have a signed certificate of the manufacturer. This is mostly in the lucrative tenders revolving around the engineering department. According to sources, at one time Bharat colleague in the dirty KPA supplies was an Asian Raj Devani. Devani was close to engineer Atonga. His business was mostly in crane supplies. Devani associate in Moi regime was Moi’s son Philip Moi. He is said to have looted KPA billions of shillings. Devani of late is allegedly admitted at Nairobi Mathari Mental Hospital after his fortunes at KPA and Kenya Power Company went under. With Raj Devani missing
in action, the field has been left for Bharat to roam all over KPA. One top manager Bharat is using to fleece
KPA millions of shillings in name of supplies is Captain William Ruto. To Bharat, engineer Ruto is his
political godfather by virtue of being related to deputy president and his namesake William Ruto. However,
investigations by Weekly Citizen have established that Captain Ruto is not related to DP Ruto. In fact, it was a
gimmick to create fear among KPA board top managers and other members of staff. The only relationship is the two
happen to be Kalenjins and happen to share a name. However, Captain Ruto dropping the name of DP has helped him land a strategicposition at KPA that has helped him accumulate massive wealth. With Bharat, they have
been able to collude to supply marine spares. Captain Ruto featured in a mechanical problem involving MV serval
which had arrived at the Port of Mombasa on December 26 2018.Two tugboats, MV Eugene and MV Nyangumi
and pilots are said to have been retained for days to do rescue work. To the surprise of many, captain Ruto wrote an official letter directing that charges and payments be shared between the port and an outside firm.It has emerged that Captain Ruto and his allies together with the vessel’s agent altered records contained in VTS log sheet at Marine tower and pilots log sheet in order to invoice the amount expected. Insiders say that the difference in payments
totaled to Sh18 million and was shared among the four captains each getting Sh2 million.The ship agent of Arab origin is said t have pocketed another Sh2 million thus KPA lost a cool Sh10 million it could have earned as
revenue each. Many at KPA are waiting for disciplinary action taken against captain Ruto and his cronies. It is a criminal act for a KPA staff to interfere with records of service and even write a letter to port users.Marine captains are of late among the richest staff at KPA thanks to the protection they enjoy from Captain Ruto that they engage in
multimillion scams.