Aspirants invade Kangundo constituency ahead of next year polls

Aspirants invade Kangundo constituency ahead of next year polls


Kangundo parliamentary seat held by Fabian Kyule has attracted over a dozen of aspirants. Those eyeing the seat have invaded the constituency giving the MP sleepless nights.

The constituency has four civic wards that of Kangundo Central, Kangundo East, Kangundo North and Kangundo West. Kangundo Central ward has the highest number of voters at 14,603. Kangundo West has 14,425, Kangundo North 13,025 with Kangundo East 11,422 registered voters going by 2017 voters register.

Kyule has roots in Kangundo North ward. In the 2017 general election he defeated MP Katatha Maweu. Another contestant is Rose Wambua from Kangundo Central ward whose MCA is Moses Mitaa. Maweu is from Kangundo West. Maweu was on Wiper ticket with Wambua being heavily financed by Jubilee courtesy of tycoon Peter Muthoka.

Wambua is consolidating her Kangundo Central ward power base with a newcomer in the race Ancent Kituku, an ally of Machakos governor Alfred Mutua networking in his Kangundo West ward. Kituku has been dismissed as a play boy in the race out to show his wealth he has gotten in suspicious ways. He is out to spoil for other candidates from Kangundo West.

He has been labeled a Mutua project in the coming polls. The MP has ring-fenced his Kangundo North ward and does not want any aspirant to invade. Wambua is being pushed to run on William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance by party chairman Johnson Muthama who does not get on well with the current MP.

Johnstone Muthama

Muthama has locked Muli out of the DP circle in Ukambani. Others in the race are
Athanas NdoloS all having roots in Kangundo West.