Audit exposes illegal security deal by Kisii county

Audit exposes illegal security deal by Kisii county


A report by the Auditor General for the year ended June 30 2017 reveals how the Kisii county governor James Ongwae secured security services without following the procurement laws.

According to the report, the Kisii county government secured security services from a local security firm on October 13 2017 and paid Sh960,000 for security services rendered at Kisii Agricultural Training Centre  between February 15 2015 and August 15 2015. However, the contract between the college and the security company expired in December 2014 yet the executive continued to make unauthorised payments for services received after the expiry of the contract.

The executive also paid Sh2,290,000 to a local form in form of imprest for the facilitation of training for Kisii County budget committee in Nairobi. However, the training was not properly supported and hence the propriety and validity of the expenditure of the Sh2,290,000 incurred on the training cannot be confirmed.

The Kisii county government also paid Sh41,645 to a local firm for the purchase of five ambulances, however, physical verification of the ambulances revealed that they still bear the private number plates although the y are branded with county executive’s logo.

The report also reveals that the log books of the ambulances were still held by the suppliers after the county government failed to pay a balance of Sh16,445,000.

One of the ambulances with registration number KCG 478R was involved in an accident on January 29 2016 and was packed at Kisii Referral and Teaching Hospital and no signs of repairs.

Sh2,759,396 was paid to a local firm to construct a parking lot at the Huduma Centre in Kisii town. The contract was, however, awarded against the law as procurement laws were not followed but the company was handpicked by the executive.

A contract for the construction of male patients ward at Kisii Level 5 Hospital was paid Sh106,654,296. As at June 30 2016, Sh73,607469 had been paid to the contractor in nine installments.

However, examination of payment vouchers revealed that the hospital’s management issued three new LPOs to the contractor while making payments. The propriety of the expenditure of Sh73,607469 cannot be confirmed.


The county government also paid Sh43,286,735  for construction and completion of ward offices and Sh4million for construction of latrines at ward offices. Records, however, reveal that only Sh38,407,391 was spent on completion of the wards  offices and Sh42,879,344 on construction of latrines in wards. Therefore, the expenditure of Sh43,286,735  incurred in the year under review cannot be confirmed.

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