Big split emerges after Raila Vihiga visit

Big split emerges after Raila Vihiga visit


Confusions, misunderstanding and internal wars have marred the once respected Maragoli council of elders after the ouster of its chairman Fred Omido. It is also emerging that Sabatia MP Alfred Agoi sponsored the removal of Omido.

The new chairman and his faction were given Sh50,000 as facilitation money. The elders in Maragoli council of elders are divided over the removal of Omido which many say it has been politically instigated. Omido was last week removed as the Maragoli council of elders chairman and replaced by Simon Muhindi in the meeting held at Harms Hotel in Chavakali. Those elders who are opposed to Omido’s removal said the old man was ousted because of favouring ODM party leader Raila Odinga’s camp.

Wycliffe Oparanya

Trouble started when Omido hosted Raila at Sossa Cottages during the consultative youth forum on BBI report where Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya, Vihiga governor Wilber Ottichilo and nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi arrived with Raila in the meeting with Mudavadi conspicuously missing. It is said Omido was pledging more loyalty to Raila than Mudavadi something that made Mudavadi’s lieutenants plan for his removal. Elders who defended Omido said the BBI meeting held at Sossa and convened by Omido was attended by youths from all key political parties in Vihiga county.

Wilberforce Ottichilo

Some of the elders also said they are the ardent supporters of Raila and ODM and they should not tied on ANC party. The elders who went to clear the air in the local FM stations said they support BBI and ODM and asked Mudavadi with his team to organise a BBI meeting elsewhere outside Vihiga county if they are supporting BBI. It is said the move by Raila to endorse Ottichilo as ODM preferred gubernatorial candidate in 2022 irked those eyeing the governor’s seat in Vihiga county on ANC seat.

Vihiga youths also used the forum to declare their support for Osotsi who is eyeing Vihiga senatorial seat and Raila’s closeness with Osotsi has caused panic in ANC camp. It is feared that Raila’s political lineup in Vihiga county political race 2022 has caused panic in ANC camp. Sabatia MP Alfred Agoi who is Mudavadi’s pointman is eyeing Vihiga governor’s seat in 2022 on ANC ticket. Mudavadi with his lieutenants were conspicuously missing in the Sossa meeting. Lugaga Wamuluma ward MCA Victor Ijaika was dismissed for trying to spread propaganda about the forum.

Ijaika had claimed Ottichilo had spent county funds to facilitate the meeting but it was clear that Oparanya, Ottichilo and Osotsi contributed cash that was used run the forum. A section of the elders said they still recognise Omido as their chairman because those picked to replace the old man belongs to the camp led by Philip Masinde while Omido belong to Patrick Wangati’s camp.We have two splinter groups in Luhya council of elders one led by Wangamati and the other led by Masinde. Majority of political leaders from house of Mulembe recognise Wangamati’s camp where Omide, Oware from Bunyore and Tiriki elders belong.