Bishop Oginde caught pants down

Bishop Oginde caught pants down


All is not well at Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) with those incharge openly accused of ungodly acts of tribalism and nepotism.

The head of the Church is Bishop David Oginde and is the presiding Bishop of CITAM, Valley road headquarters.

The recent pastoral transfers have generated a lot of heat among church followers. Fear is, the current church structure that brings together over 30 Assemblies majority has faces from Central region. They occupy position of senior pastors or assistant pastors. The central region is that of Nairobi.

According to our source, the church is currently frustrating young pastors is favour of old, scandal ridden one. Stations being managed by questionable pastors are valley Road, Ngong town, Woodley and Buruburu Assemblies.

That power struggle has taken centre stage at the church was well seenw hen Bishop Oginde colluded with a s ection during a special Annual General Meeting (AGM) to create deputy bishops positions to weaken and haunt out the holder Bishop Kimiywe.

It has emerged, those running the church post pastors to lucrative stations as CITAM Karen, Valley road and Parklands.

CITAM is not new in negative news. The church was sued by a contractor over Sh181 million real housing estate project.

Dinesh construction went to court to compel La Nyavu Gardens operated by CITAM to pay for infrastructure works done on Bogani Gardens, Karen project.

Dinesh was to receive Sh259 million for its services. The tussle saw prospective home owners deny owing La Nyavu Gardens despite several directors of the real estate being members of Citam.

La Nyavu Gardens it emerged was the business arm of La Nyavu Savings and Credit Co-operative Society that has members from Citam.