Bishop Owuor preys on Saitoti mistress

Bishop Owuor preys on Saitoti mistress


Self proclaimed ‘mighty’ prophet, Dr Owuor

Lawyer Jane Muthoni Njagi, whose family is currently embroiled in a high profile property tussle with cultist David Owuor, was having a sexual affair with George Saitoti.
In fact, it is said, aware that he had accumulated a lot of wealth under threat of likely repossession by the government, the late Internal Security minister opted to hide a huge chunk of it in Njagoi, Nyeri.
The Riverside house Muthoni owns was given to her by Saitoti and with no child in his official marriage, the former vice president is said to have tried his luck with the lawyer to see if he could get a child. Sources say the good professor indeed had a child with the then high flying lawyer, hence the persuasion to secretly donate part of his property to her.

The late, Prof. George Saitoti

Muthoni’s law firm, JM Njagi and Co Advocates, first situated at Corner House in the city’s CBD, boasted of a forceful client portfolio including Saitoti and former Defence minister Njenga Karume. Untouchable with lots of riches, Muthoni would later shift base to the leafy suburbs of Westlands.
She was also a tough advocate as evidenced by the outcome of a case her brother, Gilbert Marua Njagi, had filed against her at the High Court in Nyeri over ownership of land known as Mugunda/Nairotia/Block/385.

Muthoni won the case leaving her brother a dejected character.
Further to that, Muthoni helped the self-styled prophet Owuor to establish the Holiness and Repentance Ministry way back in 2000. It is said the “mighty prophet” as his zombie faithful call him has been trying to inherit her and enjoy her wealth.
Owuor used to visit Muthoni’s law firm, where she would give him handouts to buy food and transport costs.
“He used to visit our offices. We used to buy him food and pay for his transport,” a close associate who worked with Muthoni told Weekly Citizen.
As a result of the friendship, Muthoni helped Owuor register his church ministry that very few people knew about at that time. Muthoni, who had been an Anglican Church of Kenya faithful, was to later join Owuor’s ministry after the death of Saitoti.
Saitoti’s death was a big blow that forced her to turn to Owuor’s Holiness and Repentance Ministry, not only to seek solace but also hide the money she had acquired as a trustee when the immensely wealthy former cabinet minister in a horrendous plane crash.