Bungoma, Embu, Kitui and Marakwet on spot for corruption

Bungoma, Embu, Kitui and Marakwet on spot for corruption


The Auditor General Edward Ouko  has implicated MCAs for illegally getting payments running into millions of shillings from public coffers through dubious allowances, foreign and domestic trips, corruption.

Ouko’s report for the year ending  June 30 2016 has brought to fore how MCAs in Bungoma, Embu, Elgeyo Marakwet and Kitui looted county funds.

The report was tabled in the senate for investigations by senators who have an oversight role in the operations of counties.

In Bungoma, it has been reported ward representatives were paid two day allowances totaling Sh1.1 million to assist attend a presidential function held in the county.

“There was no justification for the payment  to the MCAs as there was no budgetary allocation for the activity alleged to have taken place on November 14 2015. Consequently, the county assembly breached regulations governing payment of allowances,” the report reads.

As if not enough, the Bungoma MCAs  also received Sh5.8 million paid as allowances for participation in public functions contrary to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission regulations that prohibit such payments.

MCAs in Kitui spent Sh125 million for domestic travel and subsistence. Suprisingly, the report reveals Sh30 million  was used for trips to Nairobi and other neighbouring towns.No supporting documents including bus tickets, work tickets or air tickets to prove the said trips really took place were unavailable.

The report states: “Included in this amount were MCAs allowances for domestic travel and accommodation for official duties to Mombasa, Nairobi, Thika, Mwingi and Konza city in Malili. Payment vouchers for these trips had no supporting documents”.

A trip to Mombasa for eight MCAs and five county staff  booked on September 4 2015 and  May 17 2016 is also mentioned with Sh1.2 million having been allocated for the said members as their allowance,  the report states.

For Kitui, the report concludes that it has not been possible to ascertain that the Sh1,257,555 domestic travel services were procured competitively and that the county assembly got value for its money in the expenditure as at June 30 2016.

In Embu, the report reveals that MCAs spent Sh16 million on domestic travel and subsistence without support of work tickets nor bus tickets as an evidence of the officers leaving the duty station.

“Under the circumstance, the propriety of Sh16,614,835 expenditure could not be confirmed as at 30 June 2016,”  Ouko states.

Elgeyo Marakwet MCAs are linked to the controversial purchase of unused kitchen equipment and furniture which totalled  to Sh6.8million.

A physical visit according to the report revealed that the items purchased were in the store and remained unused since the cafeteria where they were supposed to be used is still incomplete.

“It is apparent that the county assembly did not get value for this expenditure. It would therefore appear that the procurement was done without any specific user requirement and the expenditure of Sh6,855,568 arising from their procurement was unnecessary,” the report concludes on the deal.

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