Bungoma woman rep stands on shaky ground

Bungoma woman rep stands on shaky ground


Bungoma county woman representative elected on Ford Kenya party Catherine Wambilianga is now angling towards William Ruto team Tanga Tanga if her recent moves are anything to go by.

Wambilianga who is facing resistance within Ford Kenya party on which she was elected after it was discovered that she was secretly courting Ruto has now come into the open with her close associates posting photos of her and the deputy president.

It is believed that Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa might have brokered a deal for her to meet Ruto. The woman rep has been under fire for appointing her relatives in the affirmative action office.

At the same time is said Wambilianga has fallen out with other Ford Kenya elected.

She is now being accused of working to divide the Ford Kenya vote by directly and indirectly supporting Jubilee.

During a Webuye meeting she came out with guns blazing saying she would rather work with Ruto than co-operate with anyone from the Ford Kenya.