Can Ruto win presidency to succeed Uhuru?

Can Ruto win presidency to succeed Uhuru?


There is no doubt that William Ruto is one of the most suitable presidential candidates for 2022.

Every person who breaths oxygen can achieve any dream provided that the dream is well informed with facts, proper team work, individual hard work and optimum discipline.

Ruto has exhibited all that and the ability to accelerate to Kenyan prime post but, 2022 is too close for him to reach the destination.

Whoever envisions for Kenyan presidency must espouse the following; wealth, national network, grassroots mobilisation ability and at least five voting blocs from the eight regions in Kenya.

It is true that Ruto has wealth but does he have national and international political network and grassroots support. He is also sure for voting bloc from Rift Valley only out of the 8 regions.

Regional votes hypothetically stand as follows; Coast, 1,713,151, Mt Kenya 3,799,933, Western, 1,927,043, Nyanza, 2,688,104, Nairobi, 2,250,853, Lower Eastern, 1,518,078, Rift Valley, 4,247,536 and North Eastern, 718,940.

Uhuru Kenyatta has mutedly joined Nasa because he wants to remain politically powerful after 2022. Kenyans may be ruled by handshake government which will be compose of Uhuru and Raila Odinga.

Nasa is still intact while Jubilee has been scattered into Uhuru’s and Ruto’s centres.

Uhuru’s centre is working hard to create political enmity between Central Kenya voters against Ruto with the sharp focus to deny Ruto sufficient votes from Mt Kenya region. Raila and his team do not have hard task since all their members and followers are still loyal.

They are anxiously waiting for Uhuru to succeed in creating political road blocks against Ruto in Central.
Nasa and Uhuru political strongholds are equal to hand shake regions.

Only North Eastern region will remain swing votes. Coast+ Western +Nyanza+ Lower Eastern+ Nairobi+ Central regions are equal to hypothetical votes of 11,897,160 while Rift Valley region votes+50pc of North Eastern region votes for Ruto are equal to 4,607,006 votes.

These figures translate that handshake coalition can beat Tanga Tanga coalition by a difference of hypothetical votes of 7,290,154 if elections were to be held today.

Analysts allocate all Rift Valley votes to Ruto including some parts of Kajiado, Narok, Nakuru, Trans-Nzoia and Turkana areas which have been supporters of Raila and Uhuru for decades.

These votes from Maasai and some parts of Nakuru and Trans-Nzoia therefore cancel all other votes that Ruto may garner from other areas like Kisii, Nairobi, Coast, Central and lower Eastern areas. Ruto cannot make it to State House by 2022; it is a short notice for him.

Handshake people are well prepared than him and at the same time, his team players are being threatened to stop 2022 campaigns while the other side is campaigning daily.

Moreover, the graft war damages Ruto’s political milestones daily.

However, Ruto still has a chance to become Kenya’s president in a later date beginning from 2027. His family background holds sufficient fuel to drive his presidential ambition with grit and resilience .

Former USA presidents like Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, Harry Tuman and Barrack Obama came from rags and grass to grace and glory.

They finally made it to their country’s top seat. Current Liberian president George Weah went through darkness and faced real hell in his life but he finally achieved his presidential ambition.

These presidents are true testimonies that poverty does not dehydrate ambition. Any dream that is born and laced with persistence, determination, resilience, hard work and optimum discipline never dies unless the dreamer dies before achieving the dream.

Others who have declared ambitions for presidency are Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetang’ula, Hassan Joho, Moses Kuria, Wycliffe Oparanya ,Gideon Moi and Ekuru Aukot.