Cancer:Tahidi high actor appeals for treatment support

Cancer:Tahidi high actor appeals for treatment support


The pain of ailing parents has struck Tahidi High actor George Mulei, popular know as Ian in the drama series,  forcing him to sick for assistance from well wishers to help fund the treatment in India.

In a short video clip shared on his social media,  Facebook page, Mulei revealed his father, Jimmy Mulei, was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and it has culminated into a series of  ups and downs for the whole family. Cancer as its well known requires a lot of money for treatment .

After his dad was diagnosed with cancer, the family was able to raise some funds for his treatment in India but unfortunately, on his way back home, his dad lost his father and mother-in-law.

The passing on of the two took an emotional toll on both Mulei’s father and his mother who also fell ill following the deaths.

“So it took a toll on him emotionally and my mom too. It has bee quite a journey, my mom also feel ill due to the stresses of losing her mom and father-in-law,” he added.

Mulei’s mom developed chest problems which doctors later concluded her blood vessels were blocked and needed urgent surgery.

Now the talented actor is appealing for more well wishers  to help raise funds for his dads chemotherapy as well as treatment for his mum.The family requires 500, 000 urgently to help fund the removal of a cancerous tumor in India.