Car importation racket hits Kisumu


A Kisumu based Asian tycoon dealing in motor vehicle importation wants anti-terrorist police to monitor over 200 vehicles which were illegally imported in the country by his rivals allegedly using his company’s forged documents.
The proprietor of Al-Hyder Trading Company Shoktar Ali says that he is living in fear that the said vehicles might be in the hands of dangerous criminals given the manner in which they were sneaked into the country without following due process.
Investigations have revealed that the shocking racket was exposed after Kenya Revenue Authority demanded over Sh100 million from Al-Hyder as importation tax.
“He was shocked to be informed by the taxman that the company owes them Sh150 million for the more than 200 vehicles and upon investigations, it dawned on that some of his friends turned business rivals forged documents to ship in the vehicles,’’ claimed a source close to the racket.
He added that the matter was reported at Kisumu Central Police Station and requested police to move fast in investigations in the movements and operations of those owning the vehicles.
Some of the vehicles as indicated in a list Weekly Citizen landed on are Toyota Hiace CHS LHI 172-0026504, Nissan Caravan CHS VRGE24-656994, and Toyota Hiace CHS LH172-0026620 among others.
Ali has however weathered the storm and a long battle with another Indian whom he said was part of the syndicate that forged his company’s documents in the deal.
The unfolding drama brings to mind a pending case at Kisumu Law Courts in which another Pakistani has been accused of harbouring illegal immigrants at the lakeside city.
The controversial Pakistani businessman trading under Rana Motors was arrested after word leaked out that the brother he was accused of harbouring was secretly jetted into the country before a drug haul interception by law enforcement forces in Mombasa.
The family which is not new to brushes with the law had to fight hard throwing money right, left and centre after their father, another business tycoon was dramatically arrested with 150kgs of cocaine and deported before the then late Immigration minister Otieno Kajwang, intervened and had him back in the country.
Sources familiar with their crime and drug deals indicated that the old man has been hiding in Mombasa eight years down the line from the time he was sneaked back into the country and it is at the coastal side hideout, where he is said to have graduated into perfecting shoddy deals and boats hiring of his local security protection.
The twin cases coupled with current insecurity in the country have led to a chorus of condemnation of the National Intelligence Security Service and the Department of Immigration as pressure mounts on President Uhuru Kenyatta to stage a serious overhaul in the crucial two units to secure the country.