City hall in focus as detectives pursue student leader killers

City hall in focus as detectives pursue student leader killers


The late OCS Ragira

Detectives investigating the brutal murder of former University leader are pursuing leads to whether a section of powerful individuals at City hall is involved.

It has emerged traders at club 36  numbering to about 60 have been paying sh10,000 to a cartel with links at City hall.

If each trader pays sh. 10,000 and they are sixty traders that totals to a whooping sh. 600,000. Since the cartel can visit any time they want approximately three times per month according to one trader Weekly Citizen under cover team talked to, that totals to a cool sh. 1.8 million.

That is the cash cow the slain former student leader was trying to block.

Investigators are also out to unearth who owns the piece of land hosting club 36 and the powerful individuals that have been receiving money from the traders without City hall raising any issue.

Prior to his brutal death the murdered student had warned of an attempt to take over the piece of land by people he described as Mungiki.

‘’It is unfortunate that Mungiki are terrorizing Klabu 36 traders with pangas and guns taking advantage of the situation. They are demanding 10k from every trader to build a Kibanda’’ the slain student leader Samuel Ragira aka OCS tweeted before he was killed.

The current student leader Antony Manyara however vowed that the killing of comrade will not deter the students from championing for the ownership of club 36.

Those at the murder scene say, the killers arrived in a civilian car and instead of confronting armed gang who were terrorizing students headed straight to Rangira and shot him at point blank.

He has been championing for the land to be in students’ control.