Collapsed Dubai Bank boss hires goons


The chairman of Dubai Bank ,Zubedi Hassan

The chairman of the collapsed Dubai Bank Zubedi Hassan is reportedly embroiled in a do-or-die ownership dispute over a land occupied by Giantmark Trade Exhibition leased to city trade proprietor Peter Muoki.
The new four-year business deal that saw over 100 traders parade clothes, shoes, jackets, and other assorted fabrics for sale daily in the tents opposite the I&M building under the umbrella of Giantmark Exhibition appears to have run into stormy waters last year when Zubedi demanded that Muoki hands over the business back to him despite a two-year lease fully paid for with a Sh200,000 deposit.
By December 2018, Zubedi took matters in his own hands and started hiring goons to chase away Muoki who has been unable to collect any rent from his clients despite having written agreements with them. The traders have been told not to pay and Muoki says he has been paying Zubedi Sh400,000 every month.
The matter has since gone before the Land and Business Arbitration Tribunal which has twice issued orders to Zubedi not to interfere with the “status quo” until the matter is heard and determined but he has instead resorted to using goons armed with knives and jack hammers.
Muoki told Weekly Citizen that he had through his lawyer sought arrest orders for court contempt as Zubedi appears hellbent on disregarding the law with impunity while unleashing goons who are paid Sh1,000 daily for disrupting business at the trade exhibition.
Police officers from Central Police Station have sought to apprehend the notorious goons in vain with reports one of them beat up his in-laws in Siaya before fleeing to Nairobi and had been implicated in several assault cases. “He walks around with a knife and jack hammer,” confided one of the officers who said he is a wanted man and it is a matter of time before he faces the music.
The goons have been invading the exhibition premises and harassing managers of the business forcing them to flee from the office and stay away as the “chief goon” brags that he is paid well daily to keep “Peter and his team at bay”.