Con pastor arrested over stealing Sacco cash

Con pastor arrested over stealing Sacco cash


Detectives from Buruburu police station  arrested a former chairman of the Kenya-Qatar Diaspora Sacco Limited accused of stealing millions of shillings from the Sacco members.

The new management of the Sacco gave a tip that led to the arrest of  pastor  Habbakuk Wamududa who was charged with stealing, forgery, fraud and embezzlement of members’ funds.

Habbakuk holding microphone

According to an announcement to the Sacco members, the fraudster was charged alongside the former Accountant Denis Omollo and former vice chairman Boniface Ngugi.

Attempts by Habbakuk to plead for out of court settlement were thwarted by his accusers who demanded the matter to be subjected to the legal route until its logical conclusion.