Confirmed: Diamond’s  fiancee Tanasha Donna is pregnant

Confirmed: Diamond’s fiancee Tanasha Donna is pregnant



Bongo superstar singer Diamond Platinumz is going to be a dad. Kenyan beauty and Diamond’s fiancée, Tanasha Donna Oketch  is pregnant. This will be her first child and the Tanzanian singer’s fourth child.

Diamond Platnumz has two Children with Uganda’s Zari Hassan, one child with Tanzania’s Hamisa Mobetto and now, a child from a Kenya is about to arrive making it an ‘East African project’ like it was the case when he had just met Zari.

It’s said Diamond was under pressure from Tanasha  to perform  for his Kenyan  in-law fans after disappointing them at the Leaders Festival on Saturday

Tanasha and Diamond dancing

While celebrating the release of the Inama video at Gosip Ultra Lounge in Nairobi over the weekend, the couple danced the moment away and that is when the bump was revealed in a black short dress.

Tanasha Donna was armed with a glass of her Belaire drink as Diamond took her on from behind, it was then that it became, so obvious that the Radio singer was heavily pregnant.

Tanasha has not come out to comment on her bump publicly, but she has indicated that her body is changing and the weight is coming through in particular areas of her body.

“Double Chin tingz! That’s what happens when your body’s changing and the weight coming through.”

Tanasha new oufit

Double chin  is one of the symptoms of pregnancy for some women and Tanasha Donna happens to be one of them.

Aso to note of late  is her changing dress code sense from short, body tight  scanty dressing  that used to show off her navel and centerfolds  to baggy clothing to hide the obvious.