Confusion in Uhuru kitchen cabinet over CS Rotich fate.

Confusion in Uhuru kitchen cabinet over CS Rotich fate.


CS Henry Rotich

President Uhuru kitchen cabinet called a secret crisis meeting to deliberate on the fate of Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich who is on his way out of the docket after being linked to sh.21 billion dam scandal.

The meeting was reportedly thrown into total confusion following divided opinions on whether the all-important post was to be retained as Rift valley affair or taken to Central Kenya.

Those in support that another individual from Rift valley  be marked as Rotich successor were on the school of thought that going contrary would possibly work against President Kenyatta.

The argument is that Ruto’s political spin doctors would capitalize on the move to mount a countrywide campaign portraying Uhuru as someone in total war with their man Ruto.

However those agitating for Uhuru to consider picking a predecessor from his Central backyard have reasoned that the President had nothing to lose since this was his final lap and what matters most was legacy.

Rotich and Uhuru Kenyatta have been close drinking buddies and their bosom friendship can be traced back to days when Rotich served as a junior staff under Uhuru when the latter was the finance minister.

The fact that Rotich and Uhuru are close buddies had even made Ruto to treat him with a lot of suspicions with strong belief  that, Rotich was president’s top spy in the Kalenjin land.

Uhuru is said to be at crossroads on who to replace Rotich whose removal is necessary given Western donors are not taking lightly his tainted image.