Couple paid Sh 15,000 by witch doctor in stage managed ‘stuck in sex’ Meru deal


Couple who were recently stuck during a sex escapade in a bizarre happening in Vihiga County

Two people who pretended to have got ‘stuck’ while having sexual exploits and arrested by police in Meru claim they were paid only Sh 15,000 by the Uganda witch doctor to help popularise his business empire.

Joan Makokha alias Cynthia Matendetere and Chaha Mwitu have told investigators that the Ugandan witch doctor Magoha Twaha was to be alerted once they stage managed and then come to separate them. Joan husband was to later claim that his wife was unfaithful, the reason to why he had to consult the witchdoctor.

The witch doctor has also also been arrested. Police officers arrested them crying out for help that they had got stuck.They did not use condoms and when asked why, they revealed one cannot get stuck using a condom. The said doctor revealed he was behind the recent sex stuck drama in Mbale,Vihiga county and wanted to use the Meru incident to win those residing in the town and its environs.