Cover-up moves by Otichillo aides exposed


Files that were to be investigated under the microscopic eye of Vihiga county assembly and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission over the flouting of procurement process have mysteriously disappeared from the county offices moments after area senator George Khaniri asked for thorough investigations.
Our source at Vihiga governor Wilber Ottichilo’s executive disclosed that the three files which contains questionable procurement of pieces of land at exorbitant prices amounting to Sh23.9 million, the procurement of ECDE and TVET books from Kenya Literature Bureau at a cost of Sh38 million and procurement of fertilisers where highest bidder was awarded the tender are missing.
According to our sources, the files have been hidden by economic saboteurs in the executive to block the assembly and the EACC from accessing the original procurement documents that were used to fleece the county millions of shillings through corrupt deals now that the government has targeted plunderers of the economy.
It is said those involved in the breaking procurement Act have hidden the original documents to give way to forging or doctoring the documents before the sleuths come for them.
It is said the alleged forging of documents is routine in the county. The procurement of books at a cost of Sh38 million is said to be a big scandal in Ottichilo’s executive where most of the documents used were faked.
It is further said a letter ordering the procurement of books which was written by chief officer education ECDE and TVET Mary Susan Anyiendah February 15 2018 was totally faked.
One wonder how Anyiendah requested for supply of books in February 2018 and yet she was not any employee of Vihiga county assembly by that time. Anyiendah was hired as chief officer and approved by assembly in March 25 and her transacting businesses on behalf of the county before her employment raises eye brows.
“How can one have authority to transact businesses on behalf of the county executive and yet she is not an employee of the county. She wrote and signed a letter requesting KLB to supply books to the county ECDEs and TVET in February 15 and by that time she was not chief officer or an employee of the county. This is totally fraud,” said the MCAs.
On the procurement of the fertiliser it is said the county executive through department of agriculture gave the tender to highest bidder despite having those applicants with low bidding.
It is said the executive denied the lowest bidder the tender to supply fertiliser and gave to the one with highest price quote whom they had their own vested interests.
Our source said the executive gave the highest bidders who had promised fatty kickbacks for them. “Weekly Citizen is in possession of the procurement minutes including the letters of protests from tenders bidders and executive.
On the Sh18 million which the county CEC sports had channeled to private M-pesa accounts, the treasury has tangible evidence on the conspiracy to defraud the Central Bank of Kenya after the cash was wired back to treasury through Cooperative Bank, Mbale branch. It is said KCB Bank located at Mbale refused to be used to wire back the money to treasury for fear of being implicated in the scandal for conspiring with county executives to fleece the treasury
Senator Khaniri has asked EACC to intervene and investigate corrupt deals in Vihiga county executive more so, the purchase of 2 hectares piece of land by Vihiga county executive at an exorbitant price of Sh23.9 million.
Khaniri while addressing faithful at Esirulo Catholic Church in Emuhaya constituency during a funds drive meeting said it is abnormal for the county to buy 2 hectares of land at Sh23.9 million, a cost that should be investigated.
Khaniri’s sentiments were supported by members of the county assembly who are investigating the purchase of the land in Sabatia subcounty.
The MCAs led by Shiru ward MCA Nixon Butiya who is also assembly deputy speaker said the committee land is investigating the scandal and they will forward their findings to EACC for action.
They said they will hire the service of the independent valuer to determine the actual value of the piece of land.
“The assembly committee on land led by Central Bunyore ward MCA Paul Tirra has commenced investigation into how the county government acquired 2.5 hectares of land for Sh23.9 million to construct the governor’s residence which is expected to cost the tax payers Sh80 million,” said Butiya.
Vihiga governor has defended move by his government of purchasing piece of land at a tune of Sh23.9 million which his official residential house will be built.
Ottichilo while speaking to Vihiga residents said the 2.5 acre piece of land in question costs Sh23.9 million as per the government valuer.
Ottichilo has been staying at Sossa Cottage’s Villa since September 2016 to date and the county government of Vihiga has been paying his rent of Sh100, 000 from the day he was sworn in as the governor. But sources disclosed that the county pays Sh100,000 at Sosa but Ottichilo stays in Kisumu in a hotel.
Meanwhile, Vihiga county chief of staff Noah Okaya whom Ottichilo transferred to Nairobi liaison office has taken over as the county secretary. The Nairobi office was closed after the county failed to pay outstanding rent arrears.
It is said chief of staff occupied the office of county secretary to block him from resuming office after obtaining stay order from Labour Court.
Our moles in Ottichilo’s office disclosed that chief of staff took over county secretary’s office with speed when Ottichilo immediately announced the sacking of county secretary Francis Ominde instead of packing to Nairobi Liaison Office where he had been moved.
They say she is a snob who has time only for Central Kenya people
Vihiga MCAs address the media at assembly buildings to express their disappointment on corruption in the county government of Vihiga executive led by governor Wilber Ottichilo. They asked Ottichilo to fight corruption or they impeach him.
Fake letter from chief officer Mary Susan Anyiendah chief officer ECDE and TVET education used to request procurement of books at a cost of Sh38 million. It is surprising Anyiendah wrote and signed the request letter on February 15 the time she was not an employee of Vihiga county government as chief officer. She was approved as chief officer in March 25 the time she took office.