Coverup moves by Coptic Hospital management



Coptic Hospital

The tribulations facing the management of Coptic hospitals in the country are far from over.
To cover up illhappenings, the management has decided to transfer foreign staff working in the country illegally and with forged immigration papers away from Ngong Road headquarters.
Last week, they were driven to Coptic Hospital, Maseno and initially staying in cubicles located on 7th and 8th floors in the main hospital Nairobi.
It is emerging that the seniormost Kenyan staff is the matron and has no powers. Kenya doctors who happen to be consultants just walk in and out after seeing their patients. Surprisingly, no senior Kenyan consultant is resident staff.
Weekly Citizen has obtained the list of managers who happen to be Egyptians, and official communication language in the office being Arabic.
The chief executive officer is George Salib. Medical director a one Dr Sakr, assistant director Dr Tamer, financial director a Mr Gamaan, procurement director Amira Sakr. Administrative directors are Susan Halim and Sherry Eskander, Vivian Gamaan. Chief pharmacist is Dr Bishop, assistant chief pharmacist Dr Nardin, chief anesthetist Dr Akram, 065/Gynecologist head is Dr Halim. Majority of them are married couples.