Crisis deepens after Nyandarua speaker’s impeachment

Crisis deepens after Nyandarua speaker’s impeachment


A crisis at Nyandarua county assembly has deepened after fresh details emerged when 14 MCAs distanced themselves from a sitting where speaker Ndegwa Wahome was impeached.

Francis Kimemia

In sworn affidavits deposited in court last week, the MCAs disassociated themselves from the sitting saying that according to section 11 of the county government Act and order number 63 of Nyandarua county assembly standing orders, 75pc of MCAs must vote in favour of the motion for the speaker to be removed successfully. In the case of Nyandarua, which has 39 MCAs, at least 30 must vote in support but those who supported the impeachment were 25. According to sources, the sitting was held without the presence of the mace and officers of the house including table clerks and the Hansard.

It is also not clear which mace was used during the poached sitting that impeached the speaker. In the new twists, it is interesting that the mace used during the said sitting is owned by Mirangine ward MCA Samuel Mathu who used to be a carpenter as the house mace is kept by the department in charge of security. Since the house is on recess, it was expected that there could have been a gazette notice for a special sitting. Leader of majority Wambugu King’ori, who tabled the motion, insists that the gazette notice for a special sitting was obtained by deputy speaker Zackary Njeru.

Interestingly, it is claimed that Governor Francis Kimemia had personally instigated the removal of the speaker saying he was an impediment to development. MCAs who disclaimed the speaker’s impeachment were Suleiman Kihika (Kanjuiri Range), Ngumo Ngamau (Gathanji), Paul Ngeche (Kipipiri), Gathungu Kamau (Leshau Pondo), Kariuki Muchiri (Murungaru), and Njatha kinyanjui (Engineer). Others were Kenn Mukira (Karau), Esther Mwangi (nominated), Margaret Ireri (nominated) and Georgina Chira (nominated).

Wambugu King’ori

Wahome was impeached after the Nakuru High Court gave clearance for an impeachment motion on condition that procedure is followed.