CS Amina sucked into FKF elections

CS Amina sucked into FKF elections


Sports Registrar Rosemary Wasike has stood her ground that unless the forthcoming football elections are held above board and within the statutes of the sports Act, it is likely to lead to football management crisis.

The FKF president Nick Mwendwa boasts to enjoy the support of deputy president William Ruto and cabinet secretary Amina Mohamed. Last week, Amina held a meeting with Mwendwa where it was agreed Mwendwa sues the state on grounds, Internal Security cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i was manipulating Wasike.

This is after the Sports Registrar in conformity with sports Act 2013 claimed there will be no elections, Mwendwa is suing Uhuru Kenyatta’s government at Sports Dispute Tribunal chaired city lawyer John Ohaga.

In court papers, Mwendwa is seeking orders that the government (Sports Registrar) must be compelled to allow FKF elections to proceed without conformity with Sports Act 2013 which is a mandatory requirement in law.

Only recently, state intelligence reading conspiracy by Amina and Mwendwa stopped planned visit to Fifa headquarters in Zurich. Those in the know claim, the CS and Mwendwa had invited Ohaga and Wasike to accompany them and have Fifa threaten Kenya with a ban going by the current events the local soccer management.

With ban threat, Ohanga and Wasike were to go as per Mwendwa and Amina’s wishes. The trip was cancelled leading to Mwendwa filing a case against the state with Amina blessings surprisingly in the government she serves.

Ohanga declined to grant him the orders sought maintaining that as per the earlier ruling based on Sports Registrar’s letter to FKF copied to the Tribunal, the coming football elections must be carried out in full compliance with sports Act 2013 nothing more, nothing less.

The highly publicised trip aborted after it emerged, Amina was going to be sacked immediately she returned from Zurich. Uhuru handlers are bitter the state used millions when Amina was CS Foreign Affairs to campaign for African Union chief only for Kenya to lose on her immoral grounds.Many wanted to vote for Kenya and Uhuru but the state had backed a wrong face hence the loss. After African states ignored and humiliated Amina at the voting, she was moved from the plum ministry to Sports. Sports docket falls under Ruto in Jubilee power sharing deal with Uhuru and that is why she replaced Rashid Echesa, a Ruto ally.

For now, during the recent cabinet reshuffle, Uhuru seems to have gone against ministerial power sharing deal with Uhuru hence Amina being a marked person.Infact, it is said the way Amina will handle the FKF polls will determine if she will remain in cabinet. In FKF polls, the Tangatanga and Kieleweke camps have emerged with Amina being sympathetic to Tangatanga.

The state is said to be following leads in the investigations into Sh244 million the government gave for preparation but cannot be accounted for. Amina’s role is being questioned.

Amina is said to have used Mwendwa to attack his former PS Kirimi Kaberia who was moved in the recent reshuffle.Kaberia was pushing for accountability of Afcon money something Amina was completely against.

In his landmark ruling, Ohaga gave Mwendwa five days to place an advertisement in national newspapers stating clearly that he has sued the Sports Registrar as this will give all interested parties like referees, coaches, players, football administrators and candidates in the coming football elections the opportunity to be enjoined in the suit as interested parties.

Ohaga ruled out that the case will be heard on February 19 and with Mwendwa’s term of office ending the following day, meaning from Monday next week, he legally ceases to be FKF president.

By the time the case comes up for hearing, he will be out of office giving clear indications that the coming FKF elections will be conducted by a normalisation committee since appointment of a caretaker committee is looming due to leadership vacuum in the federation going by Sports Act 2013.

Mwendwa is also on the DCI and EACC radar out of the theft of Sh135 million from Fifa meant to buy Outside Broadcasting van.