Daggers drawn in Nyamira politics ahead of 2022

Daggers drawn in Nyamira politics ahead of 2022


Since the advent of multiparty politics, there are two constituencies in Nyamira county which have a tendency of electing their MPs for only one term after which they dump them in the dustbin of political history. The two constituencies – North Mugirango and Kitutu Masaba – for the last 20 years have made it culture and tradition of rejecting their MPs after serving them for a period of only five years, whether the legislators’ performances are good or not. The other constituencies in the county are Borabu and West Mugirango. As political campaigns take momentum, the questions many are asking, how many of the five elected MPs are going to survive. Nyamira County has five MPs who are currently having sleepless nights following the high number of aspirants who have declared their candidature for the seats they are holding, and are determined to dislodge them from office.

They are Ben Momanyi (Borabu),Vincent Kemosi (West Mugirango), Shadarak Mose (Kitutu Masaba), Joash Nyamoko (North Mugirango) and Jerusa Momanyi(women rep). Unless the legislators change their brand of politics and modus operandi, chances of having them being replaced by newcomers are high. In Kitutu Masaba constituency which is known for replacing their MP after every five years, Mose who was elected on Jubilee ticket is facing opposition from Victor Swanya, Evans Misati, Cosgah Mokua, Clive Gisairo, Walter Omwenga, Edward Obwocha and Kengere Atati. It is said that Alloys Moseti, former Kisii mayor, and Rigoma ward rep Benson Sironga will also join the race.

Despite losing the elections twice, Swanya has not deserted the voters but has continued to make himself present in the constituency by assisting the less fortunate a factor that has of late destabilized Mose politically. Swanya has a foundation that has aided a number of students from the area to pursue higher levels of education in addition. In West Mugirango constituency fireworks are also expected following the high number of aspirants who have shown interest over the seat. Those on the lead for the race include a perennial loser Steve Mogaka who if this time around he plays his political cards well, he could be the next area MP. Others on the race are Charles Ongoto, Ken Achoki, Rogers Moturi, Dennis Anyoka, Fred Makamara, James Agata, Tom Otuto and Ereneo Nyakiba who contested the gubernatorial.

Kemosi Mogaka who is the MP cannot be underrated as his Bogichora clan has vowed to give him another term owing to what they say is his good performance in terms of development. In Borabu constituency, over eight people have declared their candidature in a bid to replace Ben Momanyi who has declared that he will be running for the gubernatorial seat held by John Nyagarama. Those who have declared their candidature are Fredrick Motio, Patrick Osero, Tom Ondicho, Aben Rogena, Jared Maaka, Julius Segera, Justus Mecha and Kambi Nyandoro. Voters from Borabu told Weekly Citizen that this time around, they are likely to consider the candidature of Osero whom they said has been patient enough after losing the seat three times. In North Mugirango constituency, a woman has joined the race to dislodge MP Joash Nyamoko.

Jerusha Momanyi

Janet Ondieki, a lecturer at Moi University has vowed to set a history for being the first woman from the constituency to aspire for the position and win it with a landslide. Other candidates are Johnstone Obike, Jason Mosinga, Richard Ayore, Kevin Nyabuto and Wilfred Ombui. If Nyamoko has to retain his seat, he must work extra hard because the voters have a culture of replacing their MP after serving for only one term. In the seat of the women rep, two candidates are set to oppose the incumbent Jerusa Momanyi. The two are Wilkister Morara and Josephine Omanwa. Here, a titanic battle is expected between Morara and Omanwa. Although Morara has joined the race late, she cannot be ignored because since she declared her candidature, she has set up a network that is making inroads in all parts of the county.

Most interestingly to note, is whether the five MPs from the county could manage to retain their seats but save for Ben, who has switched to the gubernatorial race. In the last general elections, all the MPs were voted out except Ben who retained his Borabu seat. Investigations carried out by this writer revealed that the four were rejected because they took much of their time politicking at the expense of serving the electorate who gave them the mandate. Remember in Kitutu Masaba and North Mugirango constituencies its nearly becoming a law that they must replace their MPs and now we are anticipating to see whether the same trend could be enacted 2022 general elections.