Dark smoke billows at Webuye Matulo Girls School

Dark smoke billows at Webuye Matulo Girls School


Parents, students and teachers of Matulo Friends Girls High School in Webuye, Bungoma county have locked horns with the school’s principal over her alleged financial embezzlement and high handedness.

Insiders talking on strict condition of anonymity disclosed that the principal Rachel Ameyo’s thirst recently reared its ugly head in full glare of the institution.

The principal, who is being accused of engaging in malpractices is also alleged to be fond of presenting inflated school expenditures to some of the BoM members of the school who are signatories to school’s account, to approve.

The principal is also accused of being arrogant with inside sources claiming she is engaged in misappropriation of money through gross inflation of tenders in connivance with suppliers.

The disgruntled parents and teachers further accused the school head of working in cahoots with one BoM member.

A source within the parents association that did not wish to be named for fear of victimisation revealed how the board of management members were getting tenders through proxy, some which are not advertised but shared within the office of the principal.

Relatives and close friends of the principal are the key beneficiaries of tenders after allegedly parting with huge kickbacks or allowing their companies to be used.

Sources at the school claim the procuring process is controlled by the principal who inflates all the purchases and demands kickbacks.

They allege that almost all companies that supply to the school either belong to her or some of her cronies at the board. The school allegedly lost approximately Sh5 million in the recent procurement of goods and services due irregular payments, inflation of purchases and many unaccounted transactions, it is claimed.

The parents who requested not to be named for fear of victimisation of their daughters lambasted Ameyo for her alleged high-handedness, arrogance and running of the school as her personal property and demanded her immediate transfer.

They threatened to take unspecified action if she is not removed, saying that she has been bragging of being indispensable because she is well connected.

In her former school, it is said due to her dictatorial management style, nine teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission either were hounded out or sought transfers elsewhere under her watch.

In an exclusive interview, some parents say that the situation is so bad that if nothing is done, then they will be forced to remove their children from the school as the principal who ought to be the head of the school, is always out of the school, shuttling to attend to her personal business concerns, leaving the school with no guiding figure as school activities come to a standstill.

They added that Ameyo tells them that whoever does not want his or her child to be punished as corporal punishment which is the norm in the school should go and teach them.

One student told Weekly Citizen that whenever they presented their issues to the administration they were dismissed. The student added that the toilets are dirty and unfit for use. She said their pleas for more toilets have fallen on deaf ears.

However the embattled head teacher who is said to be having bad blood with her staff, when contacted for comment neither confirmed nor denied the allegations bedeviling her but appeared privy to the goingson.