Day Muthama nearly punched Kalonzo,claims ex-VP snatched his wife

Day Muthama nearly punched Kalonzo,claims ex-VP snatched his wife


They say that once a man twice a boy. The saying is meant to show that a boy grows into a man and then becomes a boy again. In other words, one starts behaving like a child again when he grows old. For lack of better explanation to Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s bizarre remarks at a funeral, many have been left to assume that the remarks are to be blamed on Kalonzo’s advancing age.

Kalonzo Musyoka

When he was given the opportunity to address mourners at the funeral of Bishop Bernard Nguyo of AIC Machakos at Mitaboni Primary School in Kathiani constituency, Kalonzo unable to restrain himself like an adult ought acted like a juvenile in what many saw as an attack meant to make former Machakos senator Johnsone Muthama feel inadequate and told Muthama that he will return his wife to him in 2022 once he is done with her. The wife in question is Agnes Kavindu whom Kalonzo has handed his Wiper party ticket for the Machakos senate seat once held by Muthama and which fell vacant after the demise of Boniface Kabaka last December.

Johnstone Muthama

It is the height of mockery and contempt in any culture, tribe, class or country for a man to tell another that he is now the one with his wife and that he will return the wife when he has used her to his satisfaction. No man, no matter how stupid he is or how powerful he feels, can tell these words to the owner of the woman in his face unless he is either mad or wants to lose his life. It is for this reason Kenyans who listened to Kalonzo’s speech that was in Kikamba language were left with questions as to what possible motive Kalonzo had making such provocative words in front of Muthama. Indeed, some have speculated that Kalonzo wanted to provoke Muthama to act insane and attack him so that Muthama would be killed by the armed bodyguards that Uhuru Kenyatta has seconded to Kalonzo.

Unable to stomach the words just as any man, except Kalonzo perhaps, would not stomach, Muthama shot up from his chair and made as if to walk where Kalonzo was but Kalonzo’s bodyguards emerged out of nowhere and moved into formation. It was Muthama’s quick cooling of his tempers that prevented an ugly situation. Once what had happened spread, Kambas on social media were abuzz making all sorts of accusations at Kalonzo with some telling him to behave. But it was at Kavindu’s home of birth where Kalonzo touched rawest nerves. At a quickly convened meeting, Kavindu’s brothers, cousins and nephews wondered when Kalonzo started living with Kavindu. Kalonzo’s words, they said, were an insult to the family of John Mwanzia Mbuku the father of Kavindu.

According to Kavindu’s brother Kinyua Mbuku, they have never seen Kalonzo anywhere and they do not wish to see him. When his mother and father were on this earth, Kinyua said, it was Muthama who would take care of their medication. A nephew accused Kavindu of having abandoned the family that he said is now taken care of by Muthama. He said that they had expected Kavindu to have her relatives employed in government courtesy of Kavindu’s closeness to Uhuru but nothing of the sort has happened. Kavindu, they said, has not used her position as a member of the Building Bridges Initiative task force or member of water board to employ any of her relatives.

The late Mulu Mutisya

The family told Kalonzo to show Muthama respect because every Mkamba knows that it is Muthama’s money that has been keeping Kalonzo’s name at the national level. The fact that Wiper has no money to finance Kavindu’s campaigns, they said, is proof that Kalonzo relies on Muthama’s wallet. Others have even expressed concern that Kalonzo now seems to have an obsession of the company of widows and divorcees. They cite the fact that Wavinya Ndeti has become his darling ever since her Nigerian husband died. Just like Kavindu’s relatives have asked Kalonzo to visit them and inform them that he is the man now living with their daughter and if possible pay dowry, Wavinya’s relatives have also made the same demands and now want Kalonzo to officially introduce himself to them and pay dowry.

The late Paul Ngei

And now, Muthama claims Kavindu and Kalonzo had a secret love affair that began way back to 1985 and went on even before he divorced the mother of his children in 1993. According to Muthama, even after parting ways, Kalonzo and Agnes continued dating until recently when she left his house. Muthama now wants Kalonzo to marry her without going behind his back. Kalonzo, he said, is too shy to approach women and that is why he goes for his friend’s ex-wives or their widows. Muthama went on to say that people know what Kalonzo “did to his wife” who is now bedridden and added that Kalonzo was cursed by late Mulu Mutisya whom Kalonzo, he said, had abandoned at the hour of need after Mulu became blind yet “Mulu made Kalonzo what he is”. Muthama said Kalonzo also gave a cold shoulder to Paul Ngei and would order the doors to his ministry office closed when Ngei tried to visit him. Ngei was then in a wheelchair desperate for help.