Don’t ashame me before Uhuru, Kalonzo now begs Kambas

Don’t ashame me before Uhuru, Kalonzo now begs Kambas


Former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka is pleading with Kambas to back the Building Bridges Initiative and spare him the shame. According to the Wiper leader, should Kambas not walk with him amongst his stature among his peers will be diminished and he will no longer be invited to the high table of Kenya’s big five.

Kalonzo Musyoka

Kalonzo’s pleas come in the wake of the humiliating walk out he was subjected to by his own people at his own political bedroom of Ukambani during the burial of Machakos senator Boniface Kabaka. At the funeral, the unthinkable happened when mourners walked away the moment Kalonzo stood up to speak. The incident has raised a lot of political dust in Ukambani and naturally with many wondering whether Kalonzo’s grip on the community is finally loosening while those who support Kalonzo and hate to see such an eventuality said that the walkout had to do with the long time the mourners had been sitting in the ceremony explaining that the people were going for food that was prepared for them that was going cold.This explanation has however been dismissed by anti-Kalonzos who ask if the hunger pangs just started when Kalonzo stood to speak. How come, they ask, mourners were calmly seated when William Ruto was speaking but they immediately rose up the moment Ruto invited Kalonzo to read Uhuru Kenyatta’s condolence letter to the family. Others say that the fact that Uhuru sent Kalonzo to read the message when protocol demands that the deputy president ought to have been the one who read it, angered the people who walked out in protest.

Late Boniface Kabaka

This is however not settling well with Kalonzo supporters who say this means Kambas are with Ruto because they can not have otherwise been so angered by the overlooking of Ruto by Uhuru when it came to reading the message. Those who say that people walked out because they do not want to have anything to do with Uhuru are also not getting good looks from Kalonzo men as this also implies that Kambas are now so to speak, throwing the bath water away with the baby and hence they are now discarding Kalonzo as a collateral damage in their rejection of Uhuru. This is what Kalonzo does not want to hear because it in essence means that Kalonzo has not convinced Kambas to back Uhuru which was the basis of the power pact that Kalonzo signed with Jubilee in exchange of a diplomatic job that Kalonzo landed as Uhuru’s roaming envoy in the East and Central Africa region whereby Uhuru once in a while sends Kalonzo on an errand. Initially, Kambas had assumed that Kalonzo support for Uhuru entailed Kambas getting government jobs but this has, to the rude shock of Kambas, turned to be air. The government appointments Kalonzo supporters were celebrating about are still to come with Uhuru now negotiating the final corner of his second and final term before he goes home never against to promise big state jobs to people is a way of arm twisting them to sing his tune.

As a matter of fact, Uhuru’s woes today whereby he is not being feared anymore by even his own lieutenants to the extent that they are now daring to tell the truth to him as seen by senate chief whip senator Irungu Kang’ata has to do with the fact that he is now a lame duck president. It is against this background that many saw Kalonzo’s decision to start backing Uhuru at Uhuru’s sunset hours in the president as dumbfoundingly goofy. It was, Kambas said, like being invited to a party a day after it has happened. All you will find are empty plates and empty bottles yet Kalonzo seemed excited by the fact that he was having to blow the yesterday’s party plates. It is this impossibility of trying to make Kambas believe that they were in the midst of a party that is now becoming a nightmare for Kalonzo as Kambas can see that they are at the venue of a party that has ended and their purpose there is to clean the mess left by the merry makers. But if Kalonzo thought that he had gone with Kambas to the Uhuru corner of Jubilee, then he was disabused of that notion in a rude style by the backs he was shown the moment he rose from his seat at the Kabaka burial. The irony here being that where the Kambas are in the opposing end to Uhuru is where Kalonzo left them when in 2013 and 2017 he took Kambas to Raila’s camp and told Kambas that Uhuru is their enemy number one.

To them, Uhuru is still their enemy just like Raila Odinga is to the Kikuyus the enemy Uhuru told them he was in 2013 and 2017. Incidentally, the same treatment Uhuru is setting in Central for now making Raila is ally is the same treatment Kalonzo is experiencing in Ukambani for making Uhuru his ally. Just like the Kikuyus who feel that Uhuru is taking them for a ride after they woke up at midnight to go to the polls to “rescue Uhuru” from Raila and now he is telling them Raila is the saviour of Kenya, Kambas feel misused by Kalonzo for making them wake up at crack of dawn to go vote for him and Raila and “send this enemy” home and now he is telling them that Uhuru’s government must be supported. It will serve as little consolation to Kalonzo that Uhuru is also not getting it easy in Central and so Uhuru should not expect Kalonzo to have it easy selling him to Kambas. Kambas have since the introduction of BBI so-called discovered that the reason Uhuru wanted Kalonzo and Kambas on his side was so that they could throw their backing to BBI.

Uhuru, Kambas say, must think that Kambas are very cheap if for empty plates he expects them to support BBI that they see as having nothing for them. Wonder of wonders, the BBI does not have any new constituency for Kalonzo’s own Mwingi district that is bigger than the whole of Central Kenya yet Central Kenya will have over 20 new constituencies. It was only after the final BBI proposals were published that Kalonzo and Kitui governor who has also been blindly backing the BBI woke up to the fact that they were being used like toilet paper as impeached Nairobi governor Mike Sonko told Kalonzo at the Kabaka funeral. Another source of bad blood between Kambas and Uhuru being Uhuru and Raila’s move to have their party MCAs impeach Sonko and further having their senators ratify the impeachment. Kambas are yet to come to terms with the fact that Kalonzo could not use his friendship with Uhuru to have Uhuru change his hostility towards Sonko whom Kambas say as an elected leader by the people, Uhuru has overstepped his borders to bring an unelected governor in the name of Mohamed Badi to run the city affairs. What is further perplexing Kambas being that whereas Uhuru is using Badi to have his family company Clayworks Ltd mint billions in supplying material for beatification of the city and Raila is getting tenders in the port of Kisumu among other handshake goodies, Kalonzo has not been getting any tenders and is a mere spectator as the two fatten their bank accounts with billions.