Dp Ruto mp humiliated at funeral

Dp Ruto mp humiliated at funeral


BY Daniel Nyakundi

Deputy president Dr.William Ruto last week  suffered  a major political setback in Nyamira county when  one of his leading lights  for the seat of presidency  Mr.Vincent Kemosi Mogaka  who is  the West Mugirango Mp  was blocked from addressing mourners in  a burial ceremony in his own constituency.

This was on grounds that he belongs to a club  of  leaders from the Gusii community who are being used by Ruto to undermine the  interior cabinet secretary Dr.Fred Okengo Matiangi who is the community’s flag bear for the seat   of presidency come 2022 general elections .

Mogaka who arrived at the burial of the mother of the county executive committee member in charge public administration and management in Nyamira county government Mr.Benard Osumo in good time could not be recognized by the master of the ceremony that he had arrived, something which caused panic and tension among the mourners and  his supporters.

To the surprise of the mourners, the master of ceremony only chose to identify, recoganize the area governor Mr.John Nyagarama who he gave chance to give his message of condolence before inviting the pastor to give a sermon as Mogaka watched in disbelief .

To make the matters grave and  worse, Nyagarama also failed to recognize the Mp,an indication that he was also part of the wider  scheme which was meant to silence  the legislator  politically .

The executive committee member who could have also intervened to have the legislator be given chance to address the mourners  kept himself  by also disassociating  himself  from the programme  leaving many people to interpret that he was also part of  the scheme of the whole episode .

After realizing that he was not wanted at the scene ,Mogaka and his supporters walked out in protest followed by the area member of the county Assembly Mr.Ranan Masira and the leader of the county Assembly Mr.Duke Masira who were also subjected to the same humiliation .

Investigations carried by this writer established the Mp was blocked from addressing the mourners because he was being used by the deputy president to derail Matiangi’s ambition of aspiring for the seat of presidency come the next general elections .

The citizen weekly further learnt that the Matiangi supporters had schemed to lock out all Ruto supporters from addressing the mourners and other future events in the county .

The supporters used the church leaders to effect their ill motives which they succeeded but the move turned to be a big political boost for Mogaka and the Ruto supporters in the county.

Mogaka and his two colleagues from Nyamira county namely Joash Nyamoko(North Mugirango) and John Shadarak Mose(Kitutu Masaba)are leading Ruto supporters in the county while governor John Nyagarama,Okongo Omogeni(senator) and Mps Ben Momanyi(Borabu) and Jerusa Momanyi(Women rep) are leading the supporters of Matiangi.

The Ruto team has been branded as traitors of the Kisii community because they are supporting Matiangi who hails from the community .

Speaking to the citizen weekly, Mogaka told the church leaders to stop being used by political leaders to divide the community.

Mogaka said that he was shocked to see church pastors being used to deny elected leaders to address their subjects who gave them the mandate.

He reminded the church leaders that he was the head of political matters in the constituency and therefore they should keep off politics and concentrate with their church matters .

Members of the public who talked to this writer said that blocking the Ruto team from addressing the public could make them popular leading to Ruto getting many sympathy votes .

They also argued that it was undemocratic for leaders to use goons and their supporters in as bid to prevent their rivals from addressing the public ,a situation they termed as retrogressive .

Reacting to the incident Nyamoko termed the move as cowardice as it could scare them from campaigning for Ruto for the seat of presidency.

Nyamoko who is elected on a Jubilee ticket said that to date Matiangi has not declared that he could contest for the seat of presidency and questioned some individuals were thinking on his behalf.

He said as Jubilee party, Ruto was their favorite candidate to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He told Matiangi that if he was interested with the seat of presidency, then he should come out and make a declaration instead of using proxies.

However an investigation carried by this writer has revealed that the  Matiangi  team has a big following in the entire Gusii region compared to  the Ruto team .

If the elections were to be carried today, then the pro-Ruto team is likely to be rejected at the ballot.