Drama as angry  residents chase away Kieleweleke MPs

Drama as angry  residents chase away Kieleweleke MPs


Gathoni wa Muchomba

By Our Reporter

Drama ensued at the middle matatu terminal in Nyeri town when a team of three proponents of kieleweke were booed and forced to  flee in an attempt to address a highly charged crowd of local people.

The lawmakers included Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu his Kiambaa counterpart Paul Koinange and Kiambu women representative Gathoni wa Muchomba. Trouble started immediately when Ngunjiri told apprehensive crowd that they had come to spread Kieleweke gospel to Nyeri residents. Before visibility shaken Nyeri Town MP could utter any other word, angry crowd of people began to shouting various adjectives some loaded with heavy unprintable sexual innuendos.

After sensing the danger, the MPs’ security detail whisked them away back to their fuel guzzlers vehicles in which they were driven in a lightening speed to unknown safe destination. “This useless Kieleweke gospel is getting into our nerves and must now stop. Kenyans are now tightening their belts due to poverty and general lack of money while proponents of Kieleweke vomit on their shoes as they spread political gospel laced with malice and hatred against deputy president William  Ruto and if this political nonsense does not cease forthwith Kenyans will teach kieleweke  members basic elements of politics in an unkind manner,” warned AIPCA Nyeri church elder Moses Gatuanja.