Drama in court during Babu Owino case

Drama in court during Babu Owino case


On Monday, January 20,  Fridah Muthoni, wife to Babu Owino’s was at the centre of a hilarious moment at the Milimani Law Courts.

Muthoni was in court to support her husband who was charged with attempted murder after the shooting of DJ Evolve at B-Club, Nairobi on Friday, January 17.

In a bid to secure Babu’s release on bail, his lawyer Cliff Ombeta told Judge Francis Andayi that he was a family man with a wife and young children.

The judge was seemingly distracted and asked Ombeta to repeat what he said, prompting Babu’s wife to rise for the Judge to see her.

“You want to support? That’s good, that’s very good by the way.

“How do you come telling us this man is married with children and we don’t see? What you have not done is to bring the children,” Andayi joked, sending the packed courtroom into prolonged laughter.

Ombeta went on to explain that Babu’s children were quite young and therefore unable to attend court.

Andayi provoked more laughter as he responded by telling state counsel to confirm the information.

The judge later ordered that Babu be detained for seven days pending a ruling on his bail application.