EACC sleuths probe ghost bridge project


Governor Wilbur Otichilo

Luanda: Residents of Luanda Township ward are demanding an explanation from Governor Wilbur Ottichilo as to the source of money being used to construct the stalled Epang’a bridge which is on Nambute – Epang’a road.
It said the money was paid for the ghost bridge, forcing Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission officers from Western region to write to the county tender opening committee members to go at their offices to record statements.
The officers from Vihiga county who went to record statements with EACC denied tendering or opening of the Epang’a bridge tender saying it is a fiction to them.
In the letter written by EACC manager for western region based at Kisumu office, Ben Murei, states: “EACC is investigating the alleged financial impropriety in implementation of projects on the construction of Epang’a bridge in Luanda subcounty and construction of Epang’a Primary School-Nambute road in the financial year 2013/2014 and 2014/15 respectively. Please, the following people should to come to EACC office to record statements and give information on what they know about the projects”.
According to information, the county only tendered for construction of Epang’a Primary School-Nambute road which was allocated Sh5, 713,672.80 and handed to Golden Crest Agencies.
It is said the county allocated money Sh8 million to the bridge and no bridge was constructed but a certificate of completion was issued.
Residents are demanding to know why a contractor has come to work on the bridge after the matter reached the EACC office.
It is said the contractor who has not erected a board at the site to notify the residents who is working on the bridge came at the site and started working only to vanish without completing the bridge.
Sources privy to the ghost contractor says that the bridge was given to senior man in the national government who is trying to cover up the issue.