State House student attacker likely to be released on mental grounds

State House student attacker likely to be released on mental grounds


The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student shot at statehouse had previously issued a series of warnings on his plans to attack statehouse.

Those close with investigations revealed, the student going by his mental history that has been satisfied to be true is likely not to be charged in any court.

Kenyan constitution allows those mentally disturbed not to stand trial in any court of law.

If released, plans are underway to have confined in a special hospital for treatment only to be released when totally confirmed mentally stable.

The student who is said to be hunger strike at Kenyatta National Hospital has been visited by various doctors mostly psychiatric to see the best way they can handle the situation.

Initially,various state security agencies  investigated if the student was a member of the ragtag  Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF) a guerrilla militia that operated   in the Mount Elgon District of Kenya since 2005.

It had been accused of killing more than 600 people, and of committing a variety of atrocities including murder, torture, rape, and the theft and destruction of property.

More than 66,000 had been displaced in an 18-month period. The group drew its members from the Sabaot people, who are a sub-tribe of the Kalenjin, an ethnic group which forms less than 11% of the Kenyan population, but a much larger percentage in the Rift Valley Province and eastern Uganda. They were led by a former bodyguard to the President, who was killed by security forces.] Wycliffe Matakwei Kirui Komon was the deputy commander.

Brian Kibet was born in Mt. Elgon area of Bungoma County.

Kenyans on tweeter (KOT) have come in his defense claiming he was acting on behalf of many Kenyans bitter with the current government.

Other sources say they want to establish if the student is a sympathizer of Al Shabaab and had any connections.

His phone numbers and communications are at the center of investigations.

Brian Kibet Bera a fith-year student of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital with after officers manning Statehouse shot him on the left shoulder.

According to sources the suspect on the fateful Monday evening had climbed over ‘’Bate Bravo’’ but while approached by elite officers manning the heavily guarded place, he drew out a knife prompting the officers to fire at him.

The 25 year old student using a Facebook account by the name, Brian Bera, had sent a series of threating messages to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In the Facebook messages, Kibet had warned that on June 9 he would attack State House as a means of passing judgment as he was instructed by God.