Fake academic papers found in Homa Bay lands office

Fake academic papers found in Homa Bay lands office


Intimidation of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission sleuths hunting corrupt officers in Nyanza counties has gone a notch higher after the detectives were treated to witchcraft scare in Homa Bay just days after Western regional boss Danstan Aura complained of threatening calls from high level politicians warning them to go slow.

Sources privy to the Homa Bay saga told Weekly Citizen how embattled senior officer in the salary department had procured the services of his colleague at the lands department who had promised to engage witchdoctors in their war with the anti-graft officials.

After getting wind that the detectives had booked in at one of the hotels in Homa Bay town ahead of their mission to pounce on the two officials in a corruption related matter, the duo quickly settled on the idea of involving a witchdoctor to handle their predicament.

According to inside sources familiar with the dramatic encounter, one of the county officials under investigations, Anthony Bala allegedly stormed the hotel that had hosted the detectives armed with paraphernalia from the supposed witchdoctor and dropped the cargo at the respective doorsteps of the detectives’ rooms.

The targets were visibly shaken when they woke up the following morning to be met by scary wild animal parts, dead birds and some concoction of herbs with blood stains on the corridors.

Fingers later pointed at Bala, an administrator at the lands department after some witnesses said that he was seen hovering along the hotel corridor prior to the ugly incident.

There was more drama when the detectives who had trailed Bala to his home bumped onto a cache of suspicious documents including what were believed to be fake academic papers from the prestigious University of Nairobi and others from Laikipia University despite the officer having no known history of ever attending any post-secondary institution.

The raid also netted questionable land documents the officer is said to have been using over the years to aid cartels in the county grab public land and still perfectly manage to cover their true identities.

Sources told Weekly Citizen that as the drama unfolded, perceived chief beneficiary of the shady land deals in Homa Bay, Isaiah Ogwe who doubles as the county secretary left in breakneck speed to the general direction of Kisumu.

His action triggered speculations as many believed that in what had become a new normal in his style of operation, he was rushing to catch a plane to Nairobi in the grand scheme to thwart ongoing investigations ostensibly through Nairobi bureaucrat-cum- wheeler dealer George Onduto who has unfettered access to top officers at the EACC.

The surprise raid at Bala’s home in Arujo village has sent a chill down the spines of a section of top executive members of Homa Bay county government who operate under head of accounts Daniel Lieta, chief of staff Eliud Otieno, Henry Owidi, chief officer finance Noah Otieno, and their recruits like Horace Okoth among others.

A recent investigation also established the wife of the said head of salary officer is employed in the county