Family anoints late Maasai king Ntimama’s successor

Family anoints late Maasai king Ntimama’s successor


The family of the late William Ole Ntimama has officially handed over the leadership mantle to his second-born son Timothy Tempes to fill the void left since the patron’s demise on September 1, 2016.

Late Ole Ntimama

This was after the first-born son, Amos Sipoi Ntimama, declined the political position and handed it over to his younger brother. Ntimama, a one-time Heritage minister and Narok North MP died four years ago leaving a gap in leadership as the community still seeks to find a spokesperson. Clergy and Maasai elders gathered at the family home compound in Motonyi area, a few kilometres from Narok town to bless Tempes in his journey in politics.

According to Tempes, the family has been mulling for the last few years on who would represent them in the political arena, adding that finally, a decision was reached when his elder brother handed over the mantle to him. Tempes said that he will be running for the Narok North MP seat that his father occupied for over 20 years. “I will be following in my father’s footsteps of advocating for the family’s unity. Just like my father united the Maa counties, I will also endeavour to do so,” said Tempes.He added that the family is in full support of the handshake and the Building Bridges Initiative that was initiated by Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

“The government has played a major role in protecting the Maasai Mau forest and constructing major roads in the county. My family fully supports the president,” he reiterated. The family spokesperson, Moses Ole Kitamoni, said it family would like to keep Ntimama’s name in historical records by having his sons take over from where he left. He said the family felt that the second-born son of Ntimama had the drive to be a leader just like his father who managed to unite the entire Maasai community.

Moitalel Ole Kenta

“We have had a lot of consultation and the decision was finally made by the elders. The seat is normally reserved for the firstborn son, but in this case, the firstborn son doesn’t have an interest in politics,” said Ole Kitmoni. Before his demise, Ntimama called on the country’s leadership including Uhuru and Raila to embrace dialogue and unite the country as per the constitution. Tempes will be competing with the current Narok North MP Moitalel Ole Kenta who beat Ntimama in the 2013 general election.