Former city MP meets resistance in Siaya politics

Former city MP meets resistance in Siaya politics


The political matrix in Alego/Usonga is proving to be an interesting affair as aspirants line up to challenge incumbent Samuel Atandi.
Despite the fact that no MP has been reelected since the introduction of multiparty politics, Atandi has vowed to break the jinx in a looming face off with veteran politicians and greenhorns.

There is a feeling among the voters that the legislator does not have their interest at heart with and his focus is in Siaya governor Cornell Rasanga succession race, where he is rooting for Senator James Orengo. Others cite development record in Alego/Usonga as opposed to other neighbouring.
Former Embakasi East MP John Ogutu is seen to be on a charm offensive and has perfected the art of gracing social functions as well as meeting different groups of opinion leaders.
The former Nairobi politician who is shifting his political base to his rural Siaya county last week met all chiefs drawn from Alego/Usonga subcounty, a clear hint that he is in a mobilization strategy with local administrators on board.
Others are immediate former area MP Omondi Muluan, nominated MP Jacqueline Oduol, Usonga MCA Sylvester Madialo, former Siaya gubernatorial aspirant William Oduol and businessman Martin Otieno aka Mijesh.
Oduol would be making a third stab after suffering defeats in the hands of former MP Edwin Yinda and Atandi in 2007 and 2017 respectively.

In between, she was appointed as permanent secretary in the ministry of Gender and Children, a position she held until 2013 before making a political comeback in 2017 only to lose to Atandi at the ODM nominations level.
But ODM came to her rescue and she was nominated to the national assembly.
However, there is little assurance that Alego/Usonga voters are now ready to elect her despite Raila Odinga promising a level playing field in party primaries, contrary to the past where seats in Luo Nyanza were reserved for the highest bidder.
Mijesh has been sending mixed signals and has remained tightlipped whether his name would be on the ballot paper only maintaining that time is not yet for political declarations.
Muluan is also plotting a comeback on ODM ticket. Muluan who won his seat on Wiper ticket was part of the group of Luo politicians who made it to power in 2013 on parties viewed as alien parties causing a big embarrassment to Raila.
Others were Kisumu Town West MP Olago Aluoch (Ford-Kenya), Muhoroni MP Onyango Koyoo and Migori governor Okoth Obado both who vied on People’s Democratic Party but have since trooped back ODM.
Muluan would later join but prior to his decamping the party in 2017 he furiously castigated its top leadership conducting bogus nomination that eventually pushed him political cold.

He badmouthed Raila recently when he rejoined party along other former Nyanza legislators who left in protest after the fiasco witnessed in nominations.
Some voters in Usonga say they would Yinda whom they say registered impressive performance despite political euphoria that blocked his second bid. At one time a
group of professionals from approached him to impress upon him to run for senatorial position 2022.
Yinda who runs business in Mombasa declined and stated that he is no longer interested in politics.
Maybe that is why Ogutu has decided to try his luck in Siaya politics after suffering defeat at the hands of theatrical Babu Owino.
When conducted, Ogutu did not categorically confirm his interest in Alego/Usonga but only stated that there are many vacancies in the region. But the anti-Ogutu campaigners in Siaya are already advancing a notion that, he’s a non performer whose
current antics are only meant to hoodwink voters ahead of 2022, before disappearing into thin air after the elections.
His opponents are making reference to earlier reports that ranked him last in 2015 performance poll by Infotrak.
During the time of the report, a website that keeps track of all parliamentary appearances by legislators, pointed out that the MP’s participation in the house was wanting.