Government auditor demands bribe for good report

Government auditor demands bribe for good report


Departmental heads in Bungoma county are up in arms with government auditor who is allegedly said to be demanding money from some departments and county ministries where he threatens to write damning reports to the Auditor General Edward Ouko if his demands are not met.

Gilbert Abwaku, the government auditor is claimed to solicit funds meant for security operations from the local administration including DOs and provokes them if they do not give him handouts, he will write indiscriminating reports to victimise them.

According to our source, government auditor Abwaku has allegedly pocketed millions of shillings upon demanding for kickbacks from merchants as he usually put s up his demands from the money allocated to the departments.  The officer who has operated in Nambale, Mt Elgon, Cheptais and Bumula where he is known to have been notorious has no ethics as he perpetrates the art of corruption.

“He calls merchants demanding money for work already done and cleared by other auditors,” a source alleged. The stations are operating in fear because some stakeholders are tired of him with intelligence reports indicating the merchants have now decided to take the law into their own hands to calm the situation.

Two communities have raised concern over the malpractices and are appealing to the relevant authorities to take immediate action to save the situation or else they will swing into action against the officer.

The money he solicits from departments is used to sustain his luxurious lifestyle in social joints with his acquaintances which has raised integrity issues of the officer, it is alleged.

The source said some departments have demanded their funds be accounted for at the headquarters instead of being wired at subcounties.

Victims fear to report him to the authorities due to threats of victimisation. Abwaku has worked for over eight years in former stations and currently in Bumula.

He is said to have acted like a vicious and marauding hyena where he has allegedly conned people a lot of money and written adverse reports.

He demands half of money given to government departments like NGCDF, Interior Security ministry, registrar of persons, education and others, it is alleged.

In Bumula where he works, he employs the art of force to fight and is considered a bully instead of applying professionalism in the conduct of his duties.

Abwaku writes malicious reports without consultations of the affected departments where there is usually no management letter issued to affected officer which comes as a surprise when such reports are made. This, they say, is a violation of internal audit task, which is an advisory arm. He shares his idle gossip with senior staff, instead of heads of departments which is a violation of confidentiality of financial information based on “Need to know”. It amounts to sabotage of departmental heads who are not comfortable with the continued appalling situation.

The source said there was fear of security of jobs of some officers if the auditor’s department will rely on malicious and cooked reports by a rogue officer who has caused a public outcry from HODs and the administration at large.

When he was transferred from Mt Elgon and Cheptais, locals and the various departments celebrated but they now want him transferred.

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