Governor Ojaamong dates friend’s wife

Governor Ojaamong dates friend’s wife


Dramatic love triangle pitting a self-declared Nairobi millionaire, estranged wife and a family friend took a new twist after it emerged that the husband  is an extortionist on the loose using wife as a bate to trap his victims .

Weekly Citizen has independently established that John Oundo is not a millionaire and has never been a catholic priest in his entire life as he purports but a street-wise crook who momentarily ate life with big spoons before his world quickly crumbled courtesy of dirty get-rich-quick deals.

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong has been centrally caught in the raging saga where Oundo is on police radar after he threatened to kill the estranged wife if she did not immediately report back to their marital home.

What Ojaamong is likely not aware of is that Oundo has been going places telling people how the governor is among those dating his estranged wife.

Bank statements in our possession shows that Oundo has a paltry sh.11, 894 in Cooperative Bank, Coop House Branch operating under account number 01120406504900.

This is contrary to his earlier claims that he was blocked from accessing a whooping sh20 million, in the account he jointly operates with the wife and the last time money was deposited in the account in question was on 03/12/218.

A close family source who requested not to be named citing she did not want to appear to be siding with either of her friends disclosed that Oundo is in the possession of the account’s ATM card.

The lady asserted that Oundo has been operating the account as opposed to his claims that it is Cate who is operating the account.

‘’He is a pathological liar and that’s the same reason friends, family members are distancing from him. Many of his friends know that he’s a  neighbour to DP William Ruto in Karen yet it’s the wife who pays for his sh35, 000 rent in Syokimau’, said the lady who has been a close family friend of the two for some years.

According to the friend, the two former love birds who claimed to have met each other in the church should figure out where the rain started beating them and bring their house back in order instead of treating Kenyans to a drama akin to TV soap opera movies.

However friends and family members are now concerned that Oundo who had fashion himself as a tender-preneur could be fighting severe depression after his money deals backfired coupled with the fact that the wife is preparing for a divorce on grounds that he is a serial jealous womanizer, LIAR and wife batterer.

Oundo has implicated a number of men including a policeman and Kisii based catholic priest Father Nyanga, in an imaginary illicit love affair with his wife only to propose monetary negotiations on his victims.

He also claimed that through his intelligence network he busted an auditor in Embu County identified as Kisoi  having sex with the wife in a lodging in Machakos, an allegations that later turned out to be a total lie.

We can authoritatively report that Oundo has enlisted a number of spies including a sister in law based in Kisii to monitor and constantly brief him on the movement of his estranged wife in total disregard to court orders not to do so.

But his dirty tricks were uncovered when he widen the net to a longtime friend who had been his major financial source but spoiled the relationship when he started peddling rumours that  Davit Otiato, who works  with the Kenya National Commission for UNESCO was in deep love affair with the wife.

But it’s unclear why Oundo developed cold feet when police spokesman Charles Owino summoned him to clear the air on claims that he found the police officer having sex with the wife inside a family car.

We are reliably informed that the policeman only identified as Mutisya was by the time of the incident stationed at Jogoo housed but has been transferred.

Questions have been raised regarding the kind of business controversial Oundo could be doing with Governor Ojaamong.

He rates Ojaamong as his associate who is ever willingly to assist including bailing him out and hiring a lawyer whenever he finds himself in trouble with the authority.

Police sources indicate that Oundo has been booked at several police stations in Nairobi with criminal charges including threatening to commit murder by killing the wife if she does not go back to the house.

But the man does not shy away from bragging to all and sundry how it’s Governor Ojamoong who has been intervening to ensure he was a free man despite the numerous police and court cases over his head.

It’s said that Oundo has persistently tried to persuade Otiato to fire his estranged wife but resorted to threats and intimidation after Otiato failed to find any reason of sacking Cate.

Otiato troubles started when he declined to bow to persistent pressure from the man to fire the wife, after he failed to find any valid reason to do so.

This prompted Oundo to believe that Otiato was in love affair with the wife and that’s the same reason he could not sack her from the job and that’s when he decided to issue more death threats to the wife.

The matter was reported at Embakasi police station and police has been accused of lax in charging Oundo who is freely roaming and bragging of his powerful connections especially with the police spokesman Charles Owino.

Oundo is said to be a completely unsecured man and the wife is blaming him for the many jobs she has lost due to his reasoning that she was always having an affair with colleagues in the office.

Interestingly, the wife even bought him a car, Kia KCJ 562 T apart from harmoniously brining up two kids he brought from a previous unsuccessful marriage.

Pressure is now mounting on the DCI to treat Oundo as a person of interest and establish the true nature of his work given that he has duped people to believe that he was a City tycoon with high connections yet those who know him say he was just a beggar in real life.

Some of the colleagues he is accusing to be having love affairs with the wife are people he owes money and his moves are understandably to divert attention and dodge in soft loan repayment of money he took from friends.

However when contacted Otiato who seems to be in the center of the matter said he did not want to discuss the matter in the media adding it was also against his value to announce the kind of help he has offered to people before he immediately disconnected the call.

However Oundo’s source of financial income has remained a mystery but many are in the school of thought that he is a man in shoddy deals.

The suspicion comes as a result of  his big talks to the effect that he is a millionaire businessman yet a spot-check by Weekly Citizen also reported minimal chances of him owning any known business premises.