High stakes in Nyamira politics

High stakes in Nyamira politics


Residents of Nyamira county are now regretting electing Okongo Omogeni as their senator.

Okong’o Omogeni

The residents are bitterly and loudly complaining that that Omogeni has failed compared to his predecessor Mongare Okongo.Voters have declared the seat of the senator as vacant pending the next general elections. Omogeni is accused of abdicating his major role of oversight of the county government, leading to rampant corruption, nepotism, clannism and underdevelopment taking a centre stage. They claimed the ODM senator is taking much of his time playing national politics at the expense of the people of Nyamira county who gave him the mandate.

Mongare Okong’o

“When he came campaigning in the last general, he went down to his knees promising us that given the opportunity, he would make our lives better but now he has made our lives worse,” a voter from Nyamaiya told Weekly Citizen. Investigations carried out have established that Omogeni has fallen out with his subjects on grounds that he has failed to execute his duties and mandate to the people who gave him the authority. They also claim that the senator has caused division among the elected leaders, the MPs, the governor, his deputy and members of the county assembly thus bringing discord in the unity and development of the county.

Fred Matiang’i

A resident of Nyamusi who identified himself as Shem Orwaru accused Omogeni of turning to be a political activist of the Interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i with the purpose of getting handouts from him. “This man who is a lawyer by profession is honestly a big political shame to the people of Nyamira county owing to his performance,” Orwaru added. Orwaru said three Nyamira MP Joash Nyamoko (North Mugirango), Shadrack Mose (Kitutu Masaba), Vincent Kemosi (West Mugirango) and a number of MCAs were not politically reading from the same script with Matiang’i because of the wedge which was being driven between them by Omogeni.

Unconfirmed sources said Omogeni was one of the major beneficiaries of the funds looted from the county coffers and that was why he is not serious in addressing the corruption which has been perpetuated and legalized by the John Nyagarama government. More shocking to the residents was when he asked Uhuru Kenyatta to put up street lights at Ikonge market when the head of state recently visited the area. The residents argue that there were bigger projects he could have sought from the president than street lights.

“When the president comes to our region, we expect our leaders to press for bigger projects but not street lights which are under the dockets of MP,” another voter, James Atuti from Magombo said. Because of his dismal performance, three people have declared their candidature for his post come the next general election. Avin Machoka, Nyambega Mose and Vincent Omao are leading the pack that wants to ouster Omogeni from office.

Machoka and Omao are making their first attempts but Mose contested in the last elections losing to Omogeni. However, investigations have revealed that if the elections were to be conducted this week, Machoka was likely to carry the day. He has a huge following of youths and boda boda riders and if they mean what they say, then he is likely to be the next senator.