How Raila plots to succeed Uhuru 2022

How Raila plots to succeed Uhuru 2022


ODM leader Raila Odinga is working on a strategy to be the party presidential candidate 2022. The deal is to have the party presidential aspirants give up their ambitions and the Raila be prevailed upon to run as the only candidate.

Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya and his Mombasa counterpart Hassan Joho have all declared to run for the presidency on ODM ticket 2022. Weekly Citizen has information, for now, although Raila has not declared in open he will be in the presidential race, his body language and political activities say a different thing. Apart from Raila, recent political moves by his family members speak volumes. Raila’s elder brother Oburu Odinga has stated that Raila will be in the race this time with the support of the so-called deep state.

Wycliffe Oparanya

On the other side Raila wife Ida has been busy crisscrossing Nyanza and other parts of the country selling Raila candidature. Political analysts say that if Raila was not going for presidency 2022, his wife would not be campaigning. While in Siaya county, Ida said the ODM leader will not back any aspirant eyeing political seats on ODM. In the strategy, once the Building Bridges Initiative referendum is done and passed as he expected, pressure will be on him to go for the presidency.

The argument being ODM as a leading political party in Kenya must field a formidable candidate to face William Ruto. The hardliners pushing for Raila within the party say after BBI is passed, new political alliances will emerge on the country’s political terrain. Raila, they say, will be instrumental in their formations. With the current vacuum in ODM on who will fly the presidential flag, the party owners from Luo Nyanza holding powerful party positions will start forcing Raila to run as the Mandela of Kenya.

They will even argue that if Joe Biden at the age of 77 has defeated Donald Trump in America 2020 presidential race, Raila at 75 years now but 77 come 2022 is the man to save Kenya. Already talk is rife within ODM, 77 years is magic. According to a close confidant of Raila, Raila is well aware he will be on the presidential ballot but is pushing Oparanya and Joho to be in the race and end up stepping down for him.

In the perceived 2022 alliance, Raila wants to bring on board a politician who can agree to back his final presidential bid without stiff opposition likely to tear apart the alliance. His argument now being, he only wants to serve as a one-term president for five years while grooming a successor. Here is where the notion of stop-gap president comes. Insiders say, those surrounding Uhuru and to an extent Kanu leader and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi want the presidency to move away from Kalenjins and Kikuyu dominance and say it is now time for another tribe to break the dominance hence a Luo.

Kalonzo Musyoka

Raila will end up handing power to Gideon after breaking the Kikuyu-Kalenjin dominance. In fact, the Kalenjin factor is one of the underlying bad political blood between Uhuru and his deputy Ruto. Raila is thus blocking his co-Nasa principals Kalonzo Musyoka, the Wiper leader and his 2013 and 2017 running mate in his new political calculations. Also being blocked is ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi who was Raila running mate in 2007. Not spared is Ford-Kenya leader senator Moses Wetangula.

Musalia Mudavadi

Within ODM, Raila wants to deal with greenhorn politicians nursing no serious presidential ambitions. To avoid cracks in the new yet to be formed alliance that is evolving now ahead of BBI referendum, seasonal faces must be relegated to the periphery to stop demanding powerful slots including the presidency basing it on the previous memorandum of understandings signed between Raila and Kalonzo. If Raila will serve one-term president, he will hand power to Gideon 2027, if he wins.

Moses Wetangula

That is the power deal between the Kenyattas, Odingas and Mois. By then it is expected Gideon will have matured politically with Ruto out of government being irrelevant. The Kalenjin community known to back those in the system as it is with Ruto now will start reaching out to Gideon who might occupy a strategic political position in a Raila government.