How Rastafarians celebrated High Court ruling(video)

How Rastafarians celebrated High Court ruling(video)


Rastafarians celebrated calmly after justice Mwita ruled that Rastafarianism is a religion and should be accorded its respect as any other.

This comes after a student’s parents represented by Lawyer Shadrack Wambui moved to court after their student admitted at Olympique High school in January 2019 was expelled for refusing to shave her dreadlocks which she had during her primary school .

In his ruling the presiding Judge noted that every child’s right to basic education is protected by the constitution and every parent has a legal responsibility to take their children to school.

“No person should be compelled contrary to their religion, a declaration is issued that the decision of Olympic school keeping the minor out of school due to her dreadlocks was unconstitutional, null and void,” he said

He further directed the school not infringe on the rights of the minor when she is recalled back to the school.

This is how the Rastas celebrated.