From Rehab: Shocking pictures of ‘Githeri man’ intoxicated on a trolley

After acquiring celebrity status during the August 8, 2017 elections when Martin Kamotho was spotted queuing to vote carrying githeri  in a nylon paper to satisfy his hunger, Githeri man has shocked many after pictures of him drunk went viral on social media.

In August 2017, his photo carrying githeri trended for several days and some top brands gave him gifts and vacations.

President Uhuru honored him with HSC and branded a national hero.

However later it became a great concern that he was always dead drunk that he needed rehabilitation and President assisted Kiambu Women rep Gathoni to take him to Mama Care Rehabilitation Centre where he spent 9 months and again the President issued him with a certificate during the graduation ceremony.

But just when Kenyans thought they had forgotten about the HSC holder, his drunkenness is something that he is yet to let go .