Inside late VP Wamalwa’s offsprings property wars


The late Michael Wamalwa Kijana

The spirits of the late vice president Michael Kijana Wamalwa have refused to fizzle out and allow him to rest in peace as jostling over his property continues to bisect the fibre of the once united family causing a rumpus.
The late VP’s immediate family is now engaged in legal battle over the control of his vast estate running into millions of shillings. At the centre of the storm is Wamalwa’s first born daughter, Alice Muthoni. Muthoni is granddaughter of the late Foreign Affairs minister in the independence government, Njoroge Mungai. Wamalwa was married to Njoroge’s Gathoni Kabuki Mungai but the marriage hit rocks.
According to family sources, apart from Muthoni, Wamalwa also had six children from three women. The late Yvonne Wamalwa had two but one of them is claimed to be a son of Luke Mboya, related to the late Tom Mboya family.
Yvonne wanted her children inherit the upmarket Karen home and prepared papers to the effect, something that irked the other children. Karen home payments were settled by the government after Wamalwa’s death.
According to records, Wamalwa had paid Sh19.5 million and had a balance of Sh31.9 million to seal the deal. The purchase of the house was linked to then tycoon Ketan Somaia who wanted to use Wamalwa to make political connections in the new Kibaki regime.
Yvonne in the court papers stated that the Karen home was not part of Wamalwa’s estate. According to her, at the time of the former VP’s demise, Karen residence did not form part of the estate of Wamalwa as it was not a property owned by the deceased prior to his death. It was a gift granted to her as his widow and thus not part of the assets of the deceased’s estate.
In her will, the house belongs to her daughter Michelle Nafuna Wamalwa and son Derek Mboya.
Weekly Citizen has information that before her death last year, Yvonne was battling the Karen house ownership with Muthoni. Muthoni who at one time was married to political activist and former student Wafula Buke obtained a court order placing a caveat emptor on the house.
Justice Aggrey Muchelule stopped Yvonne, her servants and agents from selling, leasing or in any other form alienating the parcels until the estate’s matter is settled. Muthoni has on her part brought in stepbrothers and have petitioned the court to have Karen land sold and the proceeds shared equally among five beneficiaries.
Apart from Karen prime land, Wamalwa had two apartments at Akila I Estate, Nairobi, and 40 acres land in Trans Nzoia and 3.8 acres in Milimani, Kitale. The Milimani home is where Wamalwa and Yvonne are buried.
The children battling over ownership of the estate are Michelle, Derek, Muthoni, Jacob Jabali, William Samuel Wamalwa and William Wamalwa Junior.
Muthoni has dismissed Derek as not being the late Wamalwa’s biological son and thus a stranger in the will. She states that Derek’s father is alive and rich.
Wamalwa died without a will forcing Yvonne to apply and be granted letters of administration in 2003 sidelining other children. It forced Muthoni to move to court and she was granted the rights to be a co-administrator.
Derek wants to be co-administrator with Muthoni after Yvonne’s death, something Muthoni is opposed to on grounds that his biological father is alive.
To the contrary in her affidavit, Michelle states: “I am therefore apprehensive that if the respondent is allowed to act solely as administrator of our late father’s estate, our house stands to suffer and continue to be prejudiced concerning our beneficial share of our late father’s estate”.
But Derek is now turning the heat on Muthoni, accusing her of exposing the estate to unnecessary loss and debt.
Yvonne’s children accuse Muthoni of leasing eight acres in Kitale and another 40 acres in Saboti to her relatives.
Muthoni is also accused of colluding with step brothers to sell 700 trees.
Muthoni is said to have transferred the AFC land to her name and that of Jabali, William and Wamalwa Jnr without their knowledge