Kakamega county: Wycliffe Oparanya dubious stadium payments

Kakamega county: Wycliffe Oparanya dubious stadium payments


Governor Wycliffe Oparanya’s Kakamega County administration is implicated into suspicious payments by the audit report.

Latey Construction was awarded tender to build Kakamega county executive headquarters at Sh 125,740,280. Reports say, the engineer’s estimate work quote was Sh73,150,000. Latey was thus paid an extra Sh52,590,280. Surprisingly, original tender documents were not made available. No budget was done for the project and criteria for tender award not presented.

Further, Accountability Institute was given tender for consultancy services on revenue enhancement at a cost of Sh19,480,000. However, no provision in procurement plan and budget was factored. The contract document was signed and witnessed by an advocate whose address is similar to that of county executive who is a senior logal officer at the county. The millions cannot be accounted for.

Wycliffe Majengo and Associates. The firm was awarded tax consultancy services totaling Sh55 million. The contract is suspicious since the same advocate who is a legal officer and similar address used.

The Kakamega county could not also account for Sh 13,241,433 in outstanding imprests given to 13 officers.

Fairmal Kenya Ltd is linked in the Sh14,393,799 tender award to construct administration and tuition block at St Henry Saisi Secondary School. The contractor was not those prequalified, no procurement documents were made and one tenderer, the award winner submitted the bid of the contract but was disqualified.

Mahindi investments was given works totaling Sh 22,182,204m for construction of administration and tuition block at St Cecilia Lufumbo school. However the correct tender sum was Sh20,000,000. The floor, blackboard, and electricity wiring was poorly done, classrooms not standard and not completed as expected by February 2 2015.

Wilkor Building and Civil Engineering were given Bukhungu Stadium construction at Sh399,786,110. A payment voucher for phase I D576, Sh94,135,203 is missing.

Department of environment, water and natural resource gave four firms projects running to Sh32,483,334. With no procurement documents.

The Imax Ltd did works at Mwihila Water supply. Voucher No D063 was paid amounting Sh2,522,375. The work was poorly done with total sum being Sh 5,495,000.

Joneah investments, paid Sh2,366,922 for Rosterman Dumpsite wall and fencing via voucher D723. When work was still pending.

Mailstone Investment Limited. It was to provide. Baseline  Survey and Research on climate change. Without procurement documents, it was paid Sh 1,496,400m via voucher D517.

Longrock Limited Sh 12,541,990 via voucher D072. It was to get full payment of Sh24,621,433. It has emerged, there are differences between Rural Electrification Authority estimates and awarded, as was for one centre trading.

Controversy surrounds, Mikopo Mashinani Loan Fund with no financial accounts prepared within three months as required by public audit. It is thus difficult to trace how much has been lost in the scam but must be running into millions.

Those linked to the scams in Kakamega are Kennedy Kinyua (accounts), Beldinah Otieno (labour), Joseph Sweta (roads), Stanley Maindi (trade), Frandind Muchwenu (livestock), Mohammed Kulubi (co-operatives), Kelvin Marangu (lands), Joes Wamalwa (environment), Jeremiah Makokha (health) and Evelyne Muluni (education).


What do you think of the rampant corruption seen in county governments like Siaya, Bungoma, Embu, Kitui, Marakwet, etc. lately? is it Justified? Let us know in the comments section below.

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