Kamba elders summon Kalonzo, Muthama for cleansing

Kamba elders summon Kalonzo, Muthama for cleansing


As the so-called Kamba council of elders goes quiet in the face of the shameful altercation between Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and former Machakos senator Johnson Muthama, Kamba elders drawn from across the 22 clans have been asked to summon the two politicians for a dressing-down. Churches have also been told to have the two repent publicly before being allowed to sit on the front and address faithful. According to sources within the inter-clans committee, Kalonzo and Muthama must be cleansed before they are allowed to carry on their leadership roles. Should they be left to continue with matters as usual, the community stands to suffer a misfortune because they are a defiled lot that should not be allowed to sit anywhere near where matters of the community are deliberated.

Kalonzo Musyoka

Traditionally and culturally, when such words are used in a quarrel, clan elders were called to mediate and make peace between the two. To discourage such incidents, the culprits are slapped with huge fines and in cases demoted from the age set and put into a lower one because they are deemed to be not yet grown up. Should this punishment be meted on the two, they would be barred from holding any leadership position on strength of clan laws. Incidentally, it is for the exact misdemeanor that Kalonzo committed on Muthama that clans summon people before their disciplinary councils. For a man to tell another that he is the one with his wife and that he will return her once he is done with her is considered a serious offence next to murder because it is because of such utterances that killings occur.

Johnstone Muthama

Indeed, the legendary one-man guitar singer the late Kilunda sang a song warning the rich or powerful from snatching poor people’s wives. Because he is weak financially and cannot fight the wife snatcher, he says he is going to shoot him with kilunda (arrow). It is a habit that has seen chiefs, subchiefs, headmasters, MCAs, MPs, governors, ministers and senators ruin the families of their neighbours as they hire women folk with money leaving a trail of bitter men ready to kill their tormentors. This is the unfortunate position Kalonzo has placed himself with Kambas wondering whether he is just another big man using his position to snatch poor or weak men’s wives. As much as Kalonzo might have been joking this is not what the information reaching the local Mkamba in the village is looking like. The same goes with Muthama’s remarks to the effect that Kalonzo has been dating his wife ever since 1985 which was a year after Kalonzo became MP.

To the ordinary Kamba and indeed Kenyans, there is no way an old man like Muthama can not be speaking the truth and so they believe that Kalonzo has actually been doing what Muthama is accusing him of doing. There are those who say Kalonzo, if he was doing that, would not talk about returning Muthama’s wife as he would be too careful to mention it. Others, however, say that it could be because of guilt that Kalonzo said it without intending to and to this they say you cannot hide an evil forever and that one day it is yourself who will bring it out in the open. Whatever the reason Kalonzo had in making such reckless utterances, the result has been counter-productive both at a personal level and at the political front where the woman in question Agnes Kavindu is now having to grapple with other issues that were not a factor just a week ago. Barely days after Kalonzo said that he would return Kavindu to Muthama in 2022, Kavindu was sending pleas to Federation of Women Lawyers – Kenya (Fida) to go to her rescue saying that the campaigns have now turned into insults competition and that she was being targeted because she is a woman. Kavindu whose name means small darkness as it is derived from the word kivindu (darkness), was of course referring to her ex-husband Muthama’s allegations that she has been having an affair with Kalonzo which implied that she is of loose morals.

It is worth noting that even before Muthama’s allegations, there was another talk that Kavindu has been living with a man by the name of Pastor Wanyonyi. There are those who have been referring to her as Agnes Wanyonyi as they seek to smear her campaign. Indeed, none other than Kavindu’s children were the first to talk about Pastor Wanyonyi. Kavindu is also a pastor. While Kavindu and Muthama’s children appeared to take the political mudslinging to another level, Kalonzo has taken the insults that were made in a funeral, to a new low. It is this political recklessness on the part of Kalonzo that he has had Kambas looking at the Kamba council of elders to see how they would act. Those who know the elders well, however, say that they are just but a bunch of rent seekers who become active towards electioneering periods with a view to making a hay while the sun shines.

What everyone is in agreement with, however, is that Kalonzo’s behaviour must not go unpunished. Should Kalonzo not be made to pay for it, Kambaland would return to the dark days of Musumbi Kitundumo or King Kitundumo who is said to have ridden roughshod over his subjects and as fat as a mountain, would ask people to carry him even after he had raided their homes and taken everything they had including their children and wives. Because by appearing next to Kavindu in campaigns would worsen the matter, Kalonzo has now reportedly directed his new blue-eyed girl in Ukambani Wavinya Ndeti to be the one to go around with Kavindu on his behalf. Just like Kavindu who has been given the Wiper party ticket when she is not a member of the party and is in Jubilee. Wavinya was brought from CCU party and given the Wiper party ticket to contest Machakos governor seat in 2017. When she was floored by Alfred Mutua, Kalonzo begged Uhuru to give her a job and she was named chief administrative secretary in the ministry of Transport something that angered longtime Kalonzo diehard supporters who wondered why Kalonzo had overlooked them.