Kanu on spot over Kitale land grab

Kanu on spot over Kitale land grab


The oldest party in Kenya Kanu is on the spot over grabbing of a plot in Kitale municipality.

The plot that is situated opposite the Kitale Police Station belongs to Tumwet Agencies as the original owner of Kitale Municipal block 4/351 according to the allotment letter that was issued on January 1 1 1996 by the government through the commissioner for lands P Amiani.

Tumwet Agencies also paid the fee of Sh55,600 and has been paying the land rates to date.

Later Tumwet Agencies requested the ministry of Lands and Physical Planning to subdivide its 0.4 hectares as per the allotment letter into four plots 502,503,504 and 505.

The Trans Nzoia land registrar Nelson Odhiambo wrote to the chief land registrar in Nairobi on July 3 2019 inquiring if the subdivision can take place where the ministry of Lands replied Nelson Odhiambo on the letter dated October 16 2019 that Tumwet Agencies was free to subdivide its plots into four new ones.

Part of the letter from the ministry of Lands signed by chief land registrar read that “from our records, the office of the chief land registrar did carry out an investigation and found that Tumwei Agencies was the first allotee and this is to request your office to register the sub divided plots,’’ reads the letter.

Despite Tumwet Agencies having all the documents Kanu secretary Nick Salat has claimed that the plot belong to him while he has no single document that shows that he is the owner.

The question remains that is Kanu party leader Gideon Moi using Nick Salat to grab the property of Tumwet Agencies?

Odhiambo was heard saying he was ordered by Salat not to subdivide the plots. When Salat was phoned by Odhiambo he pretended to be sick.

Odhiambo further has been accused for interfering with Trans Nzoia physical maps through bribery thus leading to mushrooming of land cases in the count