Kapenguria ACK wants to spit from Kitale diocess

Kapenguria ACK wants to spit from Kitale diocess


Anglican Church of Kenya members in Kapenguria Bishopric area now want to split from Kitale Diocese to form their own.

Weekly Citizen has established that they are pushing for establishment and recognition of Kapenguria Diocese, an area  which has been administered from Kitale.

Those calling for establishment of new diocese are against the consecration of Samson Tuliapus as assistant Bishop of Kapenguria. His naming was opposed by Laban Korelach, the West Pokot ACK Christians chairperson.

The rebellious group now referred to G28 are planning to hold parallel prayer activities until their petition is heard. G28 refers to the number of 28 parishes they control.

The G28 are accusing Kitale Bishop Rev Stephen Kewasis of dictatorship, favouritism and witch hunting. Tuliapus consecration was held at St Johns church Chepareria.

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The G28 camp says their region has four bishops, 28 parishes, priests, archdeacoans, synod members, lay leaders, pastors and 28,000 followers.

Kewasis who is set to retire want to have his own incharge. It has emerged that a committee set to elect the bishop was rentered toothless. Sources say Kewasis camp misled head of the church Jackson Ole Sapit to officiate the Tuliapus fete.

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