Government chemist declares Festive bread Fit for human consumption

Government chemist declares Festive bread Fit for human consumption


Kenya government chemist has declared Festive brand bread fit for human consumption contrary to earlier propaganda reports of baker using formalin in the manufacturing of the favourite bread.

It has emerged that it was a mere rivalry war even as an analysis commissioned by the Nairobi City County Government and done by Silala Ngala, a public analyst, declared the bread free from the dangerous chemical.

A sample of the Brown Premix bread production was taken for analysis on January 7, 2020 and no formalin was detected.

“I Silala Ngala, a Public Analyst appointed under the provision of the Food, Drugs and Chemical Substance Act, hereby certify that the seal on the sample of Brown Premix for BP received by me on January 7 was unbroken,” the report reads.

The analyst added “I am of the opinion that the sample does not contain formalin”

DPL Festive chief executive Dipesh Shah (right) and chief operations officer Jaynish Shah.

Wilson Lang ‘at, the Deputy Director for Public Health in Nairobi County, confirmed receipt of the report from the National laboratory.

Langat called on the public not to shy away from reporting any complaint on food they feel is not good for human consumption.

“If they have any issue or complaint, they should report so that we verify if it’s fit for human consumption or not,” Langat said.

DPL Festive is one of the leading bakeries in Kenya and has been operating for the last 20 years.

When complaints were raised about the bread, the company issued a statement refuting use of preservatives.

A consumer of the bread had taken to Twitter, alleging that the bread he had bought had gone beyond the expiry date without signs of decay.

The bakery said its products are safe for consumption up to seven days.

An official of the Bakery said that its products are vetted and approved by KEBS, the country’s standard regulator for goods and products.

“We would like to state that first, DPL Festive Ltd source ingredients for baking our bread that are vetted and approved by KEBS (the country’s standards regulator),” the company said in a statement.