KNUT SG Sossion, Chairman Nzili almost exchange blows

KNUT SG Sossion, Chairman Nzili almost exchange blows


KNUT national chairman Mudzo Nzili and his deputy Samson Kaguma are headed to the corridors of justice  to block what they term as their illegal retirement from the giant umbrella teachers’ union.

According to sources, Knut secretary-general Wilson Sossion recently stormed the offices of the two to deliver their retirement letters but there was drama that almost turned  physical  when they engaged in a bitter altercation that saw Sossion in near punchup with Nzili.

Sossion has instituted an internal coup at Knut with Jubilee sympathisers saying he is targeting those who campaigned for Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. Sossion is a nominated MP on ODM.

Word has it that Sossion wants Nzili and Kaguma out of office since they have been championing for his removal as secretary-general after his nomination as MP. To them as an MP, once sworn in, he ceases being a trade unionist as he cannot effectively represent teachers in local and international engagements.

In the palace coup, which is to be officially confirmed on December 14, Wycliffe Omucheyi, the second vice-chairman is to replace Nzili. He is now acting on Sossion orders.

Nzili term is to end June next year while Kaguma’s is in April the same year. They will have reached 60 years of age.

In a letter to branch executive secretaries, Sossion says the election will be conducted by Commissioner of Labour and will only involve second vice-chairman meaning Omucheyi is already chairman.

Sources say as Nzili moved to take Sossion head on, with his eyes red and speaking in tongues at the headquarters, the secretary ducked off fearing the marauding elephant, as Nzili is commonly referred to, an incident that would have  delt him a major blow. Nzili refers to his Secretary-General as a cunning hare after he ousted him as  acting Secretary-General  when Sossion was then chairman. He knew, the SG position was more powerful  and influential than that of chairman.

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