Lady storms governor’s residence

Lady storms governor’s residence


There was drama at the residence of a governor in South Rift when a lady friend stormed his compound to claim for her payment.

The governor had allegedly promised to give the lady unspecified amount of money but failed to and instead vanished.

How the governor travelled to his rural home was not clear but when the girlfriend learnt that the governor had left, she had no alternative but to pursue him by driving herself.

The lady who is a security officer drove to the governor’s residence armed but failed to meet the county governor who took advantage to escape with a vehicle belonging to an MCA.

The story circulated in social media but it was not clear if the lady was with the governor during a meeting in Mombasa where MCAs had a meeting.

It was not clear what happened soon after realising that the person she wanted had left.

The debate dominated social media portraying the governor in a negative light and asking if he will reconcile with the lady, then what about his reputation with the family and public? It was not immediately confirmed if the two were friends for some time or they had just met for the first time.

By the time of going to press, a section of senior county officers confirmed to this writer that the story on social media was true and and painted the boss in a bad picture